16th April UAJCA Trials   11:30am Skipton CC Nets
27th May UAJCA   HUDDERSFIELD   Steeton CC Bd20 6RX
28th May UAJCA   AIRE-WHARFE   Harden CC  BD16 1HT
30th May H WOOLEN   UAJCA    
Alex Howarth        
16th April UAJCA Trials   2:00pm Skipton CC Nets
29th May UAJCA 102 ao Hambleton 105-4 Lost by 6 wkts
30th May Bradford 249-4 UAJCA 190 ao Lost by 59 runs
1st June UAJCA 85 ao H Woolen 87-6 Lost by 4 wkts
Andy Galley        
2024 Manager Alex Howarth has moved up from u12s leadership to manage the squad at at Under-13 level. The Observation day is set for April 14th at Skipton CC Nets


All of you know UAJCA was committed on Sunday to the UAJCA Festival at Skipton, but we followed the progress of our fantastic under-13s team. The first UAJCA team to win a Yorkshire Festival. UAJCA cannot be too proud today. We must thank all the players who performed so well and also the two intrepid managers Mark and Tony. What a fantastic effort. UAJCA has shown today that a small District can achieve miracles with dedication from its players and managers.

We are lost for words and despite an enjoyable day at Skipton we are sorry to have missed the event. Your fame will To see the scorecard Click Here


Nidderdale won the toss and asked UAJCA to bat at mizzly Oakworth Wide Lane ground. A 55-run opening partnership from Archie Brooksbank [Crossflatts] and Noah Kennedy [Skipton] was ended with a catch for Weightman to dismiss Noah for a solid 24 [37 balls]. Number 3 Theo Reay [Sutton] picked up where Noah left off and helped carry the total on 72-2 when Archie copped an lbw for Crossland having made 32 from 71 balls. Oxenhope's Matthew Verdeyen came in for his debut and added 9 before being bowled by Crossland at 89-3. With five overs remaining an up-tick in the run-ate would be required to reach the pre-match targetted 150. Skipper Ed Fordham [Oxenhope] and a run-a-ball 13 helped that objective but both he and Theo [17] perished in the slog. Keeper Thomas Mountain [Sutton] [2no] and home ground debutant Logan Scarborough [5no] saw out the innings to 120-5. Nidderdale used 10 bowlers each delivering 3 overs with Crossland the pick with 2-10.

Our bowling attack was our principal weapon in our Yorkshire Festival triumph but now our strength in depth would be tested as four of that winning attack were not in the line up. Nidderdale openers Crabtree and Fotherby built a good start of 40 runs before Skipper Eddie had his middle stump for 26. Crossland now  assumed the stay-in role. Crabtree [19] was bowled by Noah at 60-2 after 11 overs and Niddderdale in prime position.  Diminutive spinner Ali Hussain [Sutton] made it 63-3 with Weightman gone for 1. Snowden [8] helped Crossland add another 20 before falling to another diminutive spinner Harry Middleton [Skipton] at 83-4. From here the Niderdale wheels came off and with only 14 added a further 3 wickets fell, one more each for the two tweakers and one for Theo. The pendulum had swung significantly although Crossland remained at the crease. The tail including Crossland [30 off 55 balls] were cleaned up with the score stuck on 103 and 9 balls remaining. Cleaned was smartly run out by a direct hit from Noah whilst, Ali took his third and Noah completed his great day with the final wicket lbw on the no 11.

Ali ended with 3-18 [4 overs] and Harry 2-11 [4 overs] and man-of-the match Noah 2-11 [5.3 overs].  It was a great win having defended a below par 120 without four key players. This year's squad proved its resilience and now look forward to the Bedstar T20 competition in Harrogate.

The YJCF semi-final got underway against East Yorkshire at Pocklington CC, with the boys fresh in the knowledge and boosted by news that skipper Sam Stoneman [left] had been called up from the Regional squad into the County squad.

The combination of bowler Subhaan Ali and Thomas Mountain behind the stumps produced 3 wickets as Subhaan stole the bowling honours with 4-6 in 34 balls. Bowling mates Sam Stoneman [2-12] and Mo Hassan [2-14] also shone with Zar Ali picking up 1-15 to add to a smart run out for Armaan Mahmood. East Yorkshire had crumpled to 50 all out in just 21.4 overs. The EY bowlers would have to at least match our bowling performance to prevent us reaching the Final, and true to the game's history Archie Brooksbank was caught first ball of our innings. Hassan and Armaan picked up cautiously and progressed to 17-2 when Armaan [3] was adjudged lbw.  Hassan and Subhaan continued to accumulate until Hassan was bowled for 14 at 44-3. 7 needed to win. Captain Sam joined Subhaan who completed his man-of-the-semi performance with 22no and we were in the FINAL on 54-3.

It has been  a marvellous programme fro UAJCA and the players have done us proud irrespective of how we fare in the Final. UAJCA must thank our two team managers Mark and Tony for their guidance and commitment. Well done for everyone!


At Marske-by-the-Sea, UAJCA bowlers smashed the N Yorkshire hosts batsmen to some tune. The home side's 51 all out was a terrific performance from all the bowlers. Eddie Fordham [3-4], Zar Ali [2-4], Subhan Ali [2-5] and Mo Hassan [2-8].  Archie also pinched one whilst skipper Sam was wicket-less his six overs went for just 6 runs. But it wasn't all plain sailing as we lost four wickets reaching the small total. Opener Archie Brooksbank top scored with 21 and skipper Sam Stoneman and Sutton team mate Tom Mountain saw it home with 7 no and 1 no. The semi-final is tomorrow [Jubilee day, Friday 2nd June] vs East Yorkshireat Pocklington CC [confirmed].

Tuesday saw our bowlers take the biscuit removing the entire Bradford League team for just 82 runs. Spinner Archie Brooksbank [3-15] and skipper Sam Stoneman [3-13] led the figures but there was also tremendous discipline and accuracy from Mo Hassan [2-10] and Mo Zar Ali [2-15] whilst Subhaan Ali was wicket-less his 5 overs went for just 9 runs. Opener Adam Hussain reached 24 and Hari Hayre resisted with 18 no but the 82 all out tally was always going to be difficult to defend. We reached 18-1 when the weather finally won out after 35 balls. We picked up 8 points to stay at the top of the group on 27, 5 ahead of Bradford and North Yorkshire. The final group match is against North Yorkshire at Marske CC on Thursday.
The long long trip to Northallerton was one of our most successful sojourns, bringing back a 7 wicket win. Our bowlers grabbing nine wickets with 2 each for Subhaan Ali [Bradford & Bingley], Sam Stoneman [Sutton] and Archie Brooksbank [Crossfllatts]. Team manager Mark used 8 bowlers and the 169-9 outcome was a terrific result. But the batting did us proud after losing Archie after just 3 balls. Armaan Mahmood [GHC] and Subhaan Ali [Bradford & Bingley] saw off the challenge with 8 overs to spare. Armaan deliverd in style with 89 from 95 balls whilst once Armaan was out, Subhaan racked 39 from 22 balls to take 19 points from the match. Now for the Bradford League at Sutton tomorrow!
The Halifax League fourth change bowler Sam Fellows completely transformed the UAJCA chase of a 92 total with a stunning 5 wickets for 2 runs. This came after opening innings of 24 from Archie Brooksbank [Crossflatts] and 16 from Mohammaed Hassan [GHC]. Our innings incredibly stumbled from 49-3 to 77 all out. The loss was disappointing in that it followed a very creditable bowling display from our boys at the Oxenhope ground. Halifax had been well contained principally by all-rounder Archie Brooksbank [4-7] Ali Hussain [Sutton] [2-13] and Ed Fordham [Oxenhope] [2-15]. Their 92 total featured 26 from opener Isaac Morley with Fellows and Palmer also making double figures.

It was the proverbial game of two halves but augurs well for the Festival if the batting an make further strides in consistency.

Managers Mark Stoneman and Tony Fordham announce their 14-player squad plus 5 standby reserves, as follows:


Mohammed Zar Ali [GHC], Subhaan Ali [B & B], Archie Brooksbank [Crossflatts], Edward Fordham [Oxenhope], Alex Hall [Earby], Callum Harrison [Crossflatts], Ali Hussain [Sutton], Ben Jolly [Earby], Noah Kennedy [Skipton], Hassan Khan [GHC}, Armaan Mahmood [GHC], Thomas Mountain [w/k Embsay], Sam Stoneman [Sutton], Sam Walker [Settle].


Louisa Hutchinson [Steeton], Ryan Lee [Skipton], Harry Middleton [Skipton], Theo Reay [Sutton] & Daniel Sergent [Oxenhope]

10th April UAJCA trial 2:00pm at Skipton CC Nets
8th May Huddersfield   UAJCA   Cancelled
22nd May UAJCA 77 all out Halifax 92 all out Lost by 15 runs
30th May Hambleton 169-9 UAJCA 170-3 Won by 7 wickets
31st May UAJCA 18-1 Bradford 82 all out Abandoned         
2nd June N Yorkshire 51 all out UAJCA 52-4 Won by 6 wkts
3rd June UAJCA 54-3 East Yorkshire 50 all out Won by 7 wkts
19th June Final UAJCA



134 all out

Won by 79 runs
31st July UAJCA 120-5 Nidderdale 103 all out Won by 17 runs
19th August Nidderdale 107-8 UAJCA 111-7 Lost by 4 runs
19th August Nidderdale 179-4 UAJCA 176-6 Lost by 6 wkts


Mark Stoneman  
Tony Fordham  
Wednesday 30th July 2018 Harome CC


Lucas Robinson [c] b M Elvin 6
Hannan Qureshi ct J Storr C Parker 10
Khunais Zaman st I Edmond G Fraser 23
Max Hibbert [wk] b J Allenson 29
Mohammed Yusuf ct C Parker H Marwood 31
Charlie Mitchell ct J Storr H Marwood 0
Raheeb Akhtar run out   10
Charlie Raby not out   3
Ben Slade      
Wilf Roberts      
Ishaan Khullar      
Extras 3b 2lb 7w 3nb   15
Total 40 overs   127-7
J Storr 4-1-12-0, R Vance 4-0-4-0, C Parker 6-2-18-1, M Elvin 4-0-11-1, G Fraser 8-1-23-1, M Bowes 4-0-23-0, J Allenson 3-0-7-1, H Marwood 4-0-11-2


J Barker ct Raheeb Akhtar Charlie Mitchell 6
J Storr b Wilf Roberts 1
R Vance ct Max Hibbert Wilf Roberts 1
H Marwood [c] ct Hanaan Qureshi Ishaan Khullar 18
I Edmond [wk] not out   52
J Allenson ct Raheeb Akhtar Ishaan Khullar 4
C Parker ct Max Hibbert Mohammed Yusuf 4
S Rawson ct Raheeb Akhtar Ishaan Khullar 12
G Fraser not out   11
M Bowes      
M Elvin      
Extras 2b, 2lb 12w 5nb   21
Total 39.3 overs   131-7
Muhammed Yousef 5.3-0-25-1, Wilf Roberts 5-1-10-2, Charlie Mitchell 6-0-23-1, Ben Slade 3-0-12-0, Charlie Raby 7-1-17-0, Ishaan khullar 7-2-17-3, Raheeb Akhtar 2-0-9-0, Lucas Robinson 4-0-14-0
Wednesday 8th July 2018 Newby Hall CC


Hanaan Qureshi b E Stevens 1
Lucas Robinson [c] lbw O Chamberlain 36
Dylan Blenkhorn ct A Atkinson G Stevens 3
Max Hibbert [wk] st E Yeadon O Chamberlain 61
Charlie Mitchell ct O Ward O Chamberlain 7
Ben Slade b A Atkinson 14
Mohammed Yusuf b O Chamberlain 0
Wilf Roberts not out   20
Ishaan Khullar ct O Chamberlain E Stevens 1
Raheeb Akhtar b E Stevens 1
Charlie Raby run out   9
Extras 10b 5lb 4w 3nb   22
Total 38.4 overs   175 all out
E Stevens 6.4-0-22-4, F Wright 7-1-21-0, D Walker 8-0-37-0, J Westgarth 4-0-29-0, O Chamberlain 8-0-27-4, A Atkinson 5-0-18-0


T Ogden b Charlie Raby 25
O Chamberlain ct Hanaan Qureshi Ishaan Khullar 10
J Westgarth st Max Hibbert Charlie Mitchell 24
O Ward not out   85
A Atkinson run out   11
J Hampson b Mohammed Yusuf 0
E Yeadon b Mohammed Yusuf 0
J Ryder ct Wilf Roberts Lucas Robinson 5
D Walker not out   0
E Stevens      
F Wright      
Extras 4b, 6lb 8w 3nb   21
Total 40 overs   181-7
Muhammed Yousef 8-1-19-2, Wilf Roberts 8-2-29-0, Charlie Mitchell 6-1-16-1, Dylan Blenkhorn 3-0-17-0, Charlie Raby 7-1-37-1, Ishaan khullar 4-0-16-1, Raheeb Akhtar 3-0-30-0, Lucas Robinson 1-0-7-0