Down at Crossflatts, 16 young under-9s represented UAJCA in a mini-tournament against Nidderdale, who won three of the four matches, the UAJCA Blue team smartly winning their second match. The opportunity to gain yet more hard-ball experience for the boys was the principal objective and our Reds and Blues did just that with 5 new players added to the squad to cover for holidays and Regional representations. Well done to those five debutants; Rory Squires [Harden], Frank Binns [Wharfedale], Haroon Nazam [Oakworth], Elliot Haworth [Steeton] and Oliver Noble [Harden].


Manager Richard announces the following team to take part in this year's Yorkshire Festival at Meltham CC on Sunday 2nd June [11:00am], where UAJCA will face teams from Huddersfield and Barnsley:

Harry Robinson [Oakworth], Phoebe Raby [Oakworth], Ava Craddock [Earby], Archie Cox [Steeton], Seth Rawlinson [Earby], Max Wilkinson [Crossflatts], Milo Robinson [Earby], Brandon Howie [Sutton]. Reserve Archie Dobson.


UAJCA new manager Richard Craddock announces his 18-player squad for 2019. In 2019 as in the last couple of years, UAJCA will operate with two hard-ball teams in the development matches and one team in the Yorkshire Festival fixtures. New kit pictured left.

In Alphabetical order the full squad is:

Max Bailey [Crossflatts], Joshua Barton [Steeton], Archie Cox [Steeton], Ava Craddock [Earby], Zach Day [Steeton], Archie Dobson [Oakworth], Freddie Greathead [Oakworth], Callum Hardy [Sutton], Brandon Howie [Sutton], Louisa Hutchinson [Steeton], Sulaiman Mahmood [Wilsden], Freddie Padgett [Wilsden], Joe Powell [Oakworth], Phoebe Raby [Oakworth], Seth Rawlinson [Earby], Harry Robinson [Oakworth], Milo Robinson [Earby], Max Wilkinson [Crossflatts].

Congratulations to all squad members.


UAJCA have been drawn with Huddersfield and Barnsley Districts CC in the 2019 Yorkshire Festival. The mini-tournament will take place on Sunday 2nd June in Huddersfield [Venue TBC].  An 8-player team will play each of the other 2 teams with the overall winner going forward to the County Semi-Finals & Finals day on Sunday July 14th 11:00am start.


Skipton CC in conjunction with Skipton CI CC will stage a second Festival in 2019. July 28th [10:00-16:30] will see a first ever Festival solely for under-9s at Representative level. Four Districts [inc UAJCA] will bring an  'A' and a 'B' team for an 8-aside tournament with 6 matches for each team. Huddersfield and Nidderdale have already agreed to compete whilst a fourth District is still be sought.


UAJCA' under-9 A team won both their matches at Pannal CCC vs Nidderdale whilst the 'B' team had one win and one loss in a very successful run out for our youngest squads. See scorecards to right.

The 'A' team accumulated 225 runs [190 from the bat] for the loss of  11 wickets, an excellent average of 11.9 per batsman's innings. For the 'A' team Ryan Lee led the batters with 25 + 23. Huw Pacey was also on form with 12+22 [out once]. All belied their years and Alex Hall chipped in 11+18 [out twice], Noah Kennedy added 12+9 [out once] and Joe Powell 8+14 [out once].

The 'B' team accumulated 191 runs [141 from the bat] for the loss of  10 wickets, an excellent average of 8.8 per batsman's innings. In the 'B' team matches  Oliver Bija was on song with 20+16 [out once] ahead of Milo Robinson 13+12 [out once] as did Freddie Padgett 13+12 [out 3 times]. The bowlers captured 10  Nidderdale wickets with Freya and Eddie each having 2

These performances augur well for 2019 when some of these players will be under-10s playing standard 11-man cricket with a hard ball. The managers learned much about all 16 players.


UAJCA's first game of the day saw them Bat first against Huddersfield, our opening batsmen got us off the mark with Alex Hall making 10 & Noah Kennedy making 5 after an unlucky run out chasing a quick single. UAJCA second pair Sam Stoneman & Ryan Lee managed to put on an additional 17 runs but again suffered an unlucky run out. Charlie Price & Freddie Ward steadied the ship managing to keep out the Huddersfield bowling attack and add a few runs to the score and finally Huw Pacey & Joe Powell came in.  Huw was caught out by a slower ball which took his wicket but the pair soon settled down and managed to grab runs with Joe playing an excellent late cut to grab a 4 off the final ball.

UAJCA ended on 253-3. Huddersfield then batted and UAJCA started well, opening bowler Joe Powell found his range very quickly and kept the batsmen 'on their toes' . Our break through came in the second batting pair when Charlie Price threw the ball in for a direct strike on the wickets for UAJCA's first scalp. We kept the bowling tight but a couple of fielding errors allowed Huddersfield to gain couple of 4 byes off the back of Sam Stoneman bowling which helped the Huddersfield total along with a couple of dropped catches. Joe Powell came in for the penultimate over and managed to grab a second wicket with a fine bowling display. With 4 balls to go Huddersfield needed just 4 runs which they secured and managed to not get out despite Joe's best efforts!! Huddersfield ended on 257-2
Nidderdale batted first, again opening bowler Joe Powell was in fine form, putting the ball at the batsman's toes every time testing their defence. He was supported from the other end by Charlie Price and Alex Hall. Our bowlers did their best to stop the Nidderdale  batting attack with Joe Powell taking a fine wicket in the 3rd over however a Nidderdale opening batsman made an explosive 41. Ryan Lee came into the attack and struck with an early wicket. Sam Stoneman bowled well keeping the run count down and almost landing himself a caught & bowled. However with Nidderdale runs mounting up and a couple of missed run out chances, UAJCA upped their game and started firing in the bowling, Huw Pacey struck with a wicket and then Joe Powell & Alex Hall tidied things up! Both Joe & Alex took 2 wickets in the last 3 overs. Nidderdale 296-8

UAJCA batted with the plan of getting bat to ball and going for it. With a high run chase it was always going to be a tough battle but the boys tried hard. The Nidderdale fielding was strong.  Alex Hall & Noah Kennedy tried for a good start but boundaries were tough to come by, so quick singles were the order of the day. Sam & Ryan looked to push the score on further but Ryan was unluckily bowled a couple of times in the attempt. Charlie Price & Freddie Ward did a great job protecting their wickets against some unorthodox bowling and managed to zoom up and down the wicket for quick singles but unfortunately despite Huw Pacey & Joe Powell's best efforts they were bowled out a couple of times also bringing the UAJCA innings to a close. UAJCA 228-6
Overall a good performance from the whole team. They all worked hard and certainly in the second match showed they had learned from earlier mistakes. Certainly the first game slipped through our fingers their was plenty of positives to take away from the day. Well done team, both Mark & Jon are proud of how you played!  Excellent bowling from Joe Powell. But the areas to work on are getting more runs on the board. We need to be a little more attacking! Thanks to all the parents for coming along and supporting the team (plus supplying shelter from the sun!)


Location - Airedale Cricket Club, BD20 5JN. If you have not been here before its just past East Riddlesden Hall on Bradford road, Keighley. Turn off and follow a track that takes you round the back of the houses to get to the club car park. Meeting Time: 10:00 Please
Match Schedule:
11:00 UAJCA Vs Huddersfield
13:00 Nidderdale Vs Huddersfield
15:00 UAJCA Vs Nidderdale

Manager Mark Stoneman announces the following team for Upper Airedale: Alex Hall (Capt Earby), Noah Kennedy (Skipton), Sam Stoneman [Sutton], Ryan Lee [Skipton], Joe Powell [Oakworth], Freddie Ward (Wk), Huw Pacey [Wilsden], Charlie Price [Skipton]
Players please bring packed lunches & drinks for the day.

Manager Mark Stoneman reports the 4 warm-up matches with Huddersfield went very well on a very hot afternoon for the teams. The matches were all very close and our squads played well together. Bowling attacks were effective in both games, batting became more established in the 2nd match as the squads & pairs learned to play together.

It was a very hot afternoon with no shade for the players so they all did well to keep going. They worked very hard for a proud coach. It was very encouraging for the Yorkshire Festival matches at Airedale CC on 3rd June.

Match Results:

UAJCA A 263/4 Huddersfield A 278/5   UAJCA B 269/5 Huddersfield B 239/5

UAJCA A 331/2 Huddersfield B 248/3   UAJCA B 258/4 Huddersfield A 320/5


Following the recent UAJCA trials, new u-9 manager Mark Stoneman announces the following squad for 2018. The squad provides 16 players plus 3 standby reserves. An 'A' and 'B' team will be selected following a practice match for all 19 [Venue and date TBC]. The first formal outing for both A & B teams will be on Sunday 20th June away vs Huddersfield [venue TBC]. The 17-player squad is:

Freddie Best [Skipton], Ava Craddock [Earby], Freya Craddock [Earby], William Dyson [Wilsden], Edward Fordham [Oxenhope], Alex Hall [Earby], Ben Jolly [Earby], Noah Kennedy [Skipton], Ryan Lee [Skipton], Huw Pacey [Wilsden], Joe Powell [Oakworth], Charlie Price [Skipton], Jack Richmond [Wilsden], Milo Robinson [Earby], Sam Stoneman [Sutton], Freddie Ward [Earby]. The standby reserves will be Oliver Bija [Oxenhope], Freddie Padgett [Wilsden] & Archie Ward [Crossflatts].

Further players may be added dependent on cover for holidays etc.


The Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival committee has awarded the group qualifying competition in 2018 to UAJCA. The event will be held at either Airedale CC or Bingley Congs CC [dependent which club loses in their Wynn Cup-tie on 13th May]. It will be held on Sunday 3rd June [commencing 11:00am] and will include teams from Upper Airedale, Huddersfield and Nidderdale. The competition winner will progress to the County Finals day on 1st July.

DISTRICT CRICKET u-9 FIXTURES 2018 [Brad-Calderdale & N Yorks]
Date   Score   Score Res
10th June N Yorks   Brad-Calder   11:00am at TBC
17th June Brad-Calder   Leeds   11:00am at TBC
17th June E Yorks   N Yorks   11:00am at TBC
24th June Kirklees   N Yorks   11:00am at TBC
24th June Brad-Calder   E Yorks   11:00am at TBC
 8th July N Yorks   S Yorks   11:00am at TBC
 8th July Kirklees   Brad-Calder   11:00am at TBC
15th July S Yorks   Brad-Calder   11:00am at TBC
15th July N Yorks   Leeds   11:00am at TBC

 7th April UAJCA trial       09:00am South Craven
19th May UAJCA Reds & Blues 0 Huddersfield A & B 4 Lost 4-0
 2nd June Huddersfield 294-5 UAJCA 217-6 Lost by 77 runs
 2nd June UAJCA   Barnsley   Barnsley failed to turn up
 7th July UAJCA Reds & Blues 1 Nidderdale A & B 3 Lost 3-1
28th July UAJCA u-9 Festival  


Richard Craddock 07496-395068 or crad1@sky.com
Jon Hall 07791-077748 or mittonhouse@live.co.uk
20th May UAJCA A & B


Huddersfield A & B


2 matches each
 3rd June UAJCA 253-3 Huddersfield  [YJCF] 257-2 Lost by 4 runs
 3rd June Nidderdale 305-5 Huddersfield  [YJCF] 281-7  
 3rd June UAJCA 228-6 Nidderdale    [YJCF] 296-8 Lost by 68 runs
22nd July Nidderdale A & B




Won 3 matches to 1
Pannal CC - Sunday 22nd July 2018

UAJCA vs Nidderdale JCL A

UAJCA 259-5 Huddersfield 226-7  
NAME   Runs Outs
Charlie Price [Skipton]   2 1

Ryan Lee [Skipton]

  25 0
Joe Powell [Oakworth]   8 0
Noah Kennedy [Skipton]   12 1
Freddie Ward [Earby]   1 0
Huw Pacey [Wilsden]   12 1
Alex Hall [Earby]   11 1
Ben Jolly [Earby]   10 2


Total 16 overs  





Joe Powell 3-0-18-0, Noah Kennedy 2-0-7-1, Ben Jolly 2-0-9-1, Alex Hall 2-0-13-0, Charlie Price 3-0-9-2, Huw Pacey 2-1-2-0, Ryan Lee 2-1-2-2

UAJCA vs Nidderdale JCL B

UAJCA 228-6 Nidderdale 296-8 Runs Outs
Ryan Lee   23


Charlie Price   2


Noah Kennedy   9 0
Joe Powell   14 1
Huw Pacey   22 0
Freddie Ward   6 1
Ben Jolly   7 2
Alex Hall   18 1
Extras     36  
Total  16 overs    137 6

Nett Score

307-6 Lost
Joe Powell 3-0-22-2, Noah Kennedy 3-1-6-1, Ben Jolly 2-0-13-1, Alex Hall 2-0-19-1, Charlie Price 2-0-5-1, Freddie Ward 2-0-19-1, Ryan Lee 2-0-11-1
Pannal CC - Sunday 22nd July 2018

UAJCA B vs Nidderdale JCL B

UAJCA 298-2 Nidderdale 277-4  
NAME   Runs Outs
Will Dyson [Wilsden]   15 1

Jack Richmond [Wilsden]

  4 0
Freddie Padgett [Wilsden]   13 0
Eddie Fordham [Oxenhope]   13 0
Freya Craddock [Earby]   8 0
Ava Craddock [Earby]   3 1
Oliver Bija [Oxenhope]   20 0
Milo Robinson   13 0
Extras     19  
Total 16 overs  





Freya Craddock 2-0-7-1, Will Dyson 2-0-10-0, Eddie Fordham 3-0-14-2, Jack Richmond 3-0-15-0, Ava Craddock 2-0-13-0, Milo Robinson 2-0-14-1, Oliver Bija 2-0-5-0

UAJCA B vs Nidderdale JCL A

UAJCA 243-8 Nidderdale 277-6 Runs Outs
Will Dyson   2


Jack Richmond   6


Freddie Padgett   12 3
Eddie Fordham   0 0
Ava Craddock   2 1
Freya Craddock   2 0
Oliver Bija   16 1
Milo Robinson   12 1
Extras     31  
Total  16 overs    83 8

Nett Score

243-8 Lost
Freya Craddock 2-0-6-1, Will Dyson 3-0-16-1, Eddie Fordham 2-0-15-0, Jack Richmond 3-0-7-1, Ava Craddock 2-0-24-0, Milo Robinson 2-0-24-0, Oliver Bija 2-0-9-1, 2 run outs (Padgett, Fordham)
Airedale CC - Sunday 3rd June 2018

UAJCA vs Huddersfield JCL

UAJCA 253-3 Huddersfield 257-2  
NAME   Runs Outs
Alex Hall [Earby]   10 0

Noah Kennedy [Skipton]

run out 5 1
Ryan Lee [Skipton] run out 7 1
Sam Stoneman [Sutton]   9 0
Charlie Price [Skipton]   2 0
Freddie Ward [Earby]   1 0
Huw Pacey [Wilsden] bowled 2 1
Joe Powell [Oakworth]   6 0
Extras 10b 1lb 10w 4nb  


Total 16 overs  




Joe 3-1-5-0, Ryan 2-0-14-0, Noah 3-2-6-0, Charlie 2-0-4-1, Huw 2-1-8-0, Sam 2-0-15-0, Alex 2-1-4-1

UAJCA vs Nidderdale JCL

UAJCA 228-6 Nidderdale 296-8 Runs Outs
Alex Hall   9


Noah Kennedy   2


Ryan Lee bowled [2] 9 2
Sam Stoneman   3 0
Charlie Price   6 0
Freddie Ward   3 0
Huw Pacey bowled 2 1
Joe Powell bowled 6 2
Extras   15b, 1lb 2w   18  
Total  16 overs    58  

Nett Score

228-6 Lost
Joe 3-0-24-3, Charlie 2-0-24-1, Alex 3-0-21-2, Ryan 2-0-9-1, Sam 2-0-8-0, Noah 2-0-17-0, Huw 2-0-15-1


Ji announces the following pairs team for the match with Nidderdale at Haworth CC on 9th July [2:00pm]

1.       Harvey Green & Ed Whaley

2.       George Kitson & Theo Green (wk)

3.       Rhys Mazey & Joe Horton

4.       Caleb Gledhill & Lewis Holgate

5.       Charlie Price & Noah Kennedy

6.       Ryan Lee & Charlie Goulty (tbc)


UAJCA vs Aire Wharfe

A-W batted first scoring 294-4. Tom Raby 1-7, Ed Whaley 1-11, Alex Hall 1-15, Eshaan Lodhi 1-27.  Several run-outs were missed and 3 catches not taken by our boys. In reply UAJCA reached 204-6 with our highest score by Ed Whaley with 6. Aire-Wharfe bowled and fielded well.

UAJCA vs Bradford

Bradford also batted first scoring 238-4. This time Captain Joe Birks with 2-3 led our bowling with Ed Whaley 1-3 and  Tom Raby 1-5. With the bat we got 268-5. Thomas Durn shone with 11no whilst prominent Ed Whaley had 9no. Eshaan. Lodhi tallied 19 but was out twice, Harvey Green scored a fine 13 but was out once.

As Aire-Wharfe also defeated Bradford, they go forward to the semi-finals. We finished second having made progress but having been slow out of the blocks early on. It was a great learning experience, well done boys.


Ahead of next week's tournament, Managers Ji & Steve had tough decisions to make in selecting a final squad after some great performances and games against Huddersfield.

The squad for Baildon is Joe Birks [Skipton, Capt], Alex Hall [Earby], Ed Whaley [Settle], Tom Raby [Oakworth], Thomas Durn [Crossflatts], Eshaan Lohdi [GHC], Alex Byrne [Earby] & Harvey Green [Settle]. Standby reserves are Rhys Mazey [Crossflatts] & Joe Horton [Skipton]

A & B to face Huddersfield at Skipton

Following a successful trial at Bradley, team manager Ji Mukherjee announces the following squads to face Huddersfield at Skipton.

A team vs Huddersfield A

Joe Birks [Capt], Tom Chapman, Harvey Green, Alex Hall, Thomas Durn, Eshaan Lohdi, Ed Whaley & George Kitson.

B team vs Huddersfield B

Joe Horton, Rhys Mazey, Caleb Gledhill, Sam Stoneman, Tom Raby, Lewis Holgate, Alex Byrne & Faisal Sheeraz.

These two matches will help Ji & Steve determine the UAJCA team to play in the under-9s Yorkshire Festival on 4th June at Baildon CC.


The first round venue for the inaugural under-9 Yorkshire Festival has been announced as at Baildon CC. The 1st round on 4th June will unfold at 11:00am against opponents Aire-Wharfe and Bradford Leagues. Refreshments will not be provided so packed lunches should be the order of the day.

UAJCA under-9s 8-man team will be announced by team managers Steve Powell & Ji Mukherjee after warm-up matches with Huddersfield on 28th May.


The inaugural UAJCA under-9s Yorkshire Festival team is now taking shape. Managers Ji and Steve have nominated the following 16 players to participate in the 'A' vs 'B' match at Bradley on 21st May. The two-team squad is Joe Birks (Capt), Thomas Chapman, Tom Raby, Thomas Durn, Harvey Green, Alex Hall, Joe Horton, Ed Whaley, Eshaan Lodhi, Ryan Lee, George Kitson, Noah Kennedy, Rhys Mazey, Caleb Gledhill, Sam Stoneman & Theo Green. In addition the following players are named as standby reserves: Lewis Holgate, Charlie Price & Faisal Sheeraz. Alex Byrne, who was unavailable will be considered once form is established.

New Competition

UAJCA is to enter the new YCB under-9s Yorkshire Junior Festival in its inaugural year [2017]. The competition will be in 'festival' format with groups of 3 teams meeting at one venue and playing each other [2 matches per event]. The teams will comprise 8 aside and play hard-ball Pairs cricket. Provisional dates are shown in the fixtures panel [right].

The managers for UAJCA' latest team will be Steve Powell [Oakworth] and Ji Mukherjee [Skipton]

Date   score   score


 9th April Trial        South Craven
21st May UAJCA 'A'   UAJCA 'B'   2:00pm Bradley CC
28th May UAJCA 'A' 247-4 Huddersfield 'A' 278-4 Lost by 31 runs
28th May UAJCA 'B' 269-8 Huddersfield 'B' 296-2 Lost by 27 runs
 4th June UAJCA 204-6 Aire-Wharfe 294-4 Lost by 90 runs
 4th June UAJCA 268-5 Bradford 238-4 Won by 30 runs
 9th July UAJCA 197-14 Nidderdale 285-4 Lost by 88 runs
16th July N Yorkshire   Brad-Calder    
23rd July Brad-Calder   Leeds   11:00 Pocklington
23rd July E Yorkshire   N Yorkshire   11:00 Pocklington
30th July Brad-Calder   E Yorkshire   11:00 Studley Royal
30th July Kirklees   N Yorkshire   11:00 Studley Royal
 6th Aug Kirklees   Brad-Calder    
 6th Aug N Yorkshire   S Yorkshire    
13th Aug S Yorkshire   Brad-Calder   11:00 Ilkley & Olicanians
13th Aug N Yorkshire   Leeds   11:00 Ilkley & Olicanians
Managers Steve Powell 07967-583740 & Ji Mukherjee 07845-416301
Haworth CC - Sunday 9th July 2017


NAME   Runs Outs
Rhys Mazey   1 2

Harry Robinson

  1 1
Joe Horton   2 1
Charlie Price   3 1
George Kitson   0 2
Joe Powellct   2 2
Caleb Gledhill   0 1
Charlie Goulty   4 1
Lewis Holgate   1 2
Harvey Green   17 0
Noah Kennedy   0 0
Ryan Lee   6 1
Extras 13b 1lb 9w 7nb  


Total 24 overs  


    Nett Score


Aidan 2-1-1-1, Charlie 2-1-1-2, Harry 3-1-3-0, Sam 3-1-7-1, A Tiffany 4-0-24-0, A Armitage 3-0-11-2, A Walker 3-0-6-0

Nidderdale JCL

    Runs Outs
Adam   18


Charlie W   2


Harry   9 1
Sam W   4 0
Sam G   6 1
Joe   7 0
Henry   8 0
Charlie A   8 0
Ollie   1 0
Ben   2 1
Alex   5 1
Spare   8 0
Extras   17b, 2lb 8w   27 4
Total  24 overs    105  

Nett Score

Joe Horton 2-0-12-0, Harvey Green 3-1-11-0, Lewis Holgate 2-0-4-0, Charlie Price 2-0-9-0, Noah Kennedy 2-1-2-0, Rhys Mazey 2-0-6-0, George Kitson 2-0-8-1, Joe Powell 3-0-11-0, Ryan Lee 2-0-6-0, Charlie Goulty 2-0-10-0, Caleb Gledhill 2-1-1-1