For match report see u13 Festival page Scorecard

Manager Ji Mukherjee was well pleased with the outcome although the early UAJCA fielding was below standard, but which improved markedly as the match progressed. We can now look forward with confidence to next week's match with Heavy Woollen District at New Farnley CC

The first phase of four 'friendly' matches per team has now drawn to a close. The Second phase includes scheduled Cup & Plate matches, your attention is directed to a few salient points for Cup & Plate competitions. All evening matches are scheduled for 16 overs aside as light deteriorates quickly in August. Remember that 16 over matches have a maximum number of overs of three per bowler and changing of the wicket-keeper is only permissible for injury, not to enable him to bowl.
How will the Plate competition work?

The Plate competition is only for first-round [first match] losers in the Cup competition. 2nd and subsequent round losers will thereafter play further 'friendly' fixtures. The whole 2nd phase is designed to give every team a further four fixtures after phase one, a total of 8 in the season. Each winning team should report the result to the Secretary within 24 hours to enable determination of the subsequent round fixtures. The scorecard should follow within 3 days. So fixtures for weeks 6, 7 and 8 will be notified by email or by viewing the websites.

Should any team not be able or wish not to undertake any Cup or Plate fixture on the scheduled date, a rearrangement may be agreed for a date within the next four days, otherwise the team not willing/able to play will be deemed to have 'conceded'.

The Cup Finals and Plate Finals will be played at either of the finalists grounds, decided by mutual agreement or the toss of a coin. The host final venue should be notified to the Association Secretary as soon as possible so that the trophy and medals can be delivered in time to the venue. Umpires for Finals are to be provided by each finalist club. Evening Finals [u11 & u15] will be of 16 over duration but may be extended to 20 overs if an earlier start is agreed. The u13 and u9 Finals will be on Sundays and may be played for 20 or 30 overs by mutual agreement.

With good will on everyone's behalf we should be able to progress each competition to a proper conclusion, but we must respect each club's decision whether to play or not due to the pandemic.

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, mountain, outdoor and natureEmbsay CC, Settle CC and all at UAJCA are very proud to report that Archie Phillipson has been selected to play for Yorkshire U13s against Lancashire this Thursday at Castleford.

His selection is well deserved after some great performances during Inter squad Yorkshire games.  Fly the Flag Archie

Info & photo courtesy Settle CC


As a reverse fixture with Huddersfield at under-11, our boys will trip on Sunday 6th September up the Pennine hills to Broad Oak CC [TBC] at a time also to be agreed . Manager Mark Stoneman will be getting a team together shortly. This will hopefully be a sixth Rep match in a season that had looked bereft at that level.


A fixture at under-10 level has been arranged between UAJCA and Huddersfield District. It will be held at Haworth CC on Sunday 23rd August at 1:30pm. Manager Alex Howarth will select a team to be managed by Richard Powell as Alex is ion holiday! The team will be announced shortly. Players will need to bring a packed lunch as the pavilion will of course be closed.


Social-distancing guidelines will be in force and so changing rooms will not be open, so boys will need to be appropriately dressed to play and bring their own hand sanitiser to each game. A registration for Track & Trace purposes will also be taken.

The scheduled T20 has been cancelled due to local authority tightened Covid-19 restrictions. UAJCA under-13s will now play a 35-over match against Heavy Woollen u13s on the same date [20th August] at New Farnley CC at 11:00am.
UAJCA under-13s have a confirmed fixture with Nidderdale u13s on Friday 13th August, start time 11:00am at Skipton CC. Team Manager Ji Mukherjee will select a squad this match in the next few days and communicate directly with parents.

YCB has announced the go-ahead to run more CAG cricket. Another programme has been put together that is felt realistic to run in the limited time-frame available. The County U-12 age group is also to play four games over the course of the next five weeks against as yet unconfirmed opposition. Again these games are for squads of no more than 26 players to comply with the need to adhere to a "bio-bubble" of no more than 30 including staff. 

UAJCA is delighted to also learn that once again Joe Birks [Skipton CC] has been invited to participate. Best of luck both Joes.


The match programme is:

When Where Opposition
Tues 4th Aug Driffield Town CC  
Tues 11th Aug Methley CC  
Tues 18th Aug East Bierley CC  
Tues 25th Aug York CC  


Social-distancing guidelines will be in force and so changing rooms will not be open, so boys will need to be appropriately dressed to play and bring their own hand sanitiser to each game.



YCB has announced the go-ahead to run some CAG cricket this year. A programme has been put together that is felt realistic to run in the limited time-frame available. The County U-10 age group is to play four games over the course of the next five weeks against as yet unconfirmed opposition. These games are for squads of no more than 26 players to comply with the need to adhere to a "bio-bubble" of no more than 30 including staff. 

UAJCA is delighted to learn that the cool guy left Joe Powell [Oakworth CC] has been invited to participate. Best of luck Joe.


The match programme is:

When Where Opposition
Thurs 6th Aug Church Fenton CC  
Mon 10th Aug East Bierley CC  
Mon 17th Aug Walton CC  
Tues 1st Sept Sherrif Hutton Bridge CC  


Social-distancing guidelines will be in force and so changing rooms will not be open, so boys will need to be appropriately dressed to play and bring their own hand sanitiser to each game.



Barnoldswick CC advise that they are now in a position to resume fixtures and are happily very much available for all future UAJCA fixtures. It has been confirmed by YCB and The Council that a misleading article on the Pendle Borough Council website applies only to council pitches, and does not apply to independent ECB clubs, who have their own guidelines.

This is great news and all at Barnoldswick CC are now looking forward to participating in their new junior home with UAJCA clubs in 2020.

Please give them a warm UAJCA welcome....


Following many Senior Leagues, some Upper Airedale Association teams got back into action on Sunday 19th July.  All clubs have published their Risk Assessments which we hope will give confidence to players, parents and officials that all possible precautions are being taken. It is inevitable that clubs may make different decisions about participation and their decisions are respected by UAJCA.

The first four weeks of our truncated programme are non-competitive and can provide an opportunity for clubs to experience matches organised under the new regulations, whilst players can benefit from the  recreation. On Sunday matches took place at Bradley, Settle, Harden, Crossflatts & Steeton.

Wednesday evening may see up to five games at under-15 with Thursday offering opportunity for a further seven u-11 teams to return to the sport.


Upper Airedale Junior Cricket Association [UAJCA] clubs are busily preparing themselves for a post-lockdown return to action in line with Government and ECB guidelines. Their plan is to recommence junior cricket on Sunday 19th July with under-9 and under-13 teams [10:00am starts]. Wednesdays will feature under-15 cricket with under-11 matches on Thursday evenings [6:30pm].

Sanitisation of bats and balls will be built into match procedures every four overs when players will also sanitise their hands. Dressing rooms and pavilions will remain closed with players turning up ready changed into their whites. There will be no handshakes or hi-five celebrations but the essence of the game remains largely unchanged whilst maintaining the one metre distance on the field. Fielders will also return the ball directly to the wicket keeper to minimise the number of hands in contact.

UAJCA has planned an 8-week programme of matches with the first four fixtures on a friendly basis with neighbouring opposition. The second half of the programme will feature and mixture of Cup, Plate, and friendly fixtures. Clubs have worked heard in giving confidence to parents that cricket can maintain safety whilst offering good recreational opportunity. 47 teams have entered the programme: at under-9 there will be 8 teams, at under-11 a total of 15 will take the field. The under-13 group will have 14 members and the under-15s will embrace 10. Sadly, though only two teams confirmed availability at under-18s, but that league will hopefully be resurrected in 2021

Watch this site for all the fixtures.

Association Secretary, Terry Thompson said “Back In March we were set to operate with 61 teams so it seems we have lost [hopefully temporarily] around 150 players during the pandemic. But we do understand that people are rightly focussed on the safety of their children.”. He added “Recent poor weather has hampered ground preparation, but all clubs are working hard to get the cricket on. We are so grateful on behalf of the valleys’ youngsters”.

19th JULY RE-START.....
Having received the ECB Covid-secure guidelines and having considered all options the UAJCA members determined to push the programme start date back to SUNDAY 19th JULY. The programme will feature:

An under-9s section of 8 teams participating in an 8-week programme including a Cup & Plate competition as well as friendly matches, most with neighbouring clubs

An under-11s section of 15 teams participating in an 8-week programme including a Cup & Plate competition as well as friendly matches, most with neighbouring clubs

An under-13s section of 14 teams participating in an 8-week programme including a Cup & Plate competition as well as friendly matches, most with neighbouring clubs

An under-15s section of 10 teams participating in an 8-week programme including a Cup & Plate competition as well as friendly matches, most with neighbouring clubs.

Sadly only 2 teams remain as entries for the proposed Under-18s competition and so there will be no competitive matches, although locally club-arranged friendly games may take place

The ECB document regarding resumption of our cricket  has yet to be approved by Government, hopefully by 7th July. The UAJCA plan is:

July 7th

1  Circulate the guidance note to all club junior reps 7th July

2 Circulate an interim UAJCA operating guideline

3 Circulate a Risk Assessment for Covid-readiness to Reps

July 8th

1  Hold Zoom meeting for UAJCA Reps 8:00pm

2  Approve UAJCA operating document

3  Confirm junior team entries

4  Confirm club start day as 12th July or other date

July 9th-11th

1   Ensure all junior players are registered to enable government Track & Trace processes can be followed

2   Club reps to submit completed Risk Assessment to UAJCA

July 12th


For latest ECB advice document CLICK HERE

The Government yesterday 3rd July gave the Green Light for recreational cricket. We await the guidelines from ECB.

UAJCA clubs and Administrators are now guaging the extent that we can all get back to cricket. UAJCA is preparing an 8-week fixture plan comprising of 4 weeks of "friendly" matches with relaxed rules, followed by a Cup & Plate period.

What will the game look like when it returns?

ECB Guidance on playing cricket at Step 4 will be released early in week commencing 5th July and UAJCA aims to have its first fixtures on SUNDAY 12th July. Some clubs may not be ready for this and so may need to cancel the first few fixtures.


We don't know what they will be yet but are likely to include:

Hygiene breaks mid-play for bat and ball cleaning and hand washing.

No use of changing rooms arrive ready to play. This means there are changes that need to be made to help run games and manage people using the facility on & off the field of play.

Clubs are now digesting the arrangements for:

  • Preparing Grounds
  • People Management & Communication
  • PPE & First Aid

For latest ECB advice document CLICK HERE

The ECB today 2nd July issued further briefing about how recreational Cricket may be able to move forward in STEP 4. ECB confirms the date for resumption remains as EARLY JULY.  It is a large document and requires careful study.

UAJCA clubs and Administrators should continue to prepare plans for restoring Cricket in STEP 4 which includes the following:

What will the game look like when it returns?

ECB Guidance on playing cricket at Step 4 will be released when Step 4 activity is permitted by Government. The core differences to normal play are yet to be confirmed but are likely to be:

1.Social distancing should be maintained where possible both on and off the field.

2.Regular cleaning of the ball and of players’ hands in hygiene breaks during play.

3.People should be using outdoor space as much as possible.

4.No use of changing rooms arrive ready to play. This means there are changes that need to be made to help run games and manage people using the facility on & off the field of play.

The document goes on to embrace:

  • Preparing the Grounds
  • People Management & Communication
  • PPE & First Aid

For full document CLICK HERE

The ECB yesterday 24th June issued a briefing about how they are trying to convince Government to treat recreational Cricket the same as other outdoor Sports which have already had restrictions their lifted. In doing so ECB have suggested a date for resumption as on or about Saturday 4th JULY.  So we still have no firm date.

However, UAJCA clubs and Administrators are now starting to prepare plans for restoring Cricket on or about that date. UAJCA has a preliminary plan which embodies the following:

Players to be registered to assist Track & Trace processes·     
£15 per team subscription will apply
Fixtures in five age groups u18, u15, u13, u11 and u9
 8 weeks season [Sunday 4th July to Thursday 27th August]
Standard days Sunday am [u9 & u13], Monday [u18],     Wednesday [u15], Thursday [u11]

Fixture types: Optional friendly, Friendly, Cup & Plate

Fixtures arranged in travel-friendly sub-groups

 Sub-group structure dependent on number of entries

 All teams scheduled a minimum 6 fixtures, maximum of 8

 All fixtures manipulated to minimise travel

Finals held at 10 different venues [age-groups] ie at one of the Final qualifying teams

Cup & Plate fixtures to be administered via Play-Cricket

 Clubs may administer Friendly fixtures via Play-Cricket

Sunday morning start times to remain at 10:00am

Evening start times to be adjusted to 5:30pm in August

Alternative to play 16-over matches with 6:30pm start


The ECB have today 15th May issued an eleven page document providing guidelines for how some cricket activities can resume. The2012 Bowlingse guidelines have been circulated to all member clubs with a view to ensuring any action any club takes to restart cricket, a) has as its overriding priority the safety of the clubs' members and visitors to the ground and b) is fully compliant with the guidelines. Consult your club representative with regard to your club's actions.

In summary:

  • You can exercise outdoors on your own, with members of your household or with one other person from outside your household while keeping two metres apart at all times. You must only exercise in groups of no more than two people, unless you are exercising exclusively with members of your household.
  • Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).
  • Only one-to-one coaching is permitted per session.
  • Nets should be used on an ‘every other’ basis, leaving one net free between nets.
  • Clubhouses can be reopened in a limited way for operational reasons (e.g. for access to first aid equipment) or for toilet access (see full guidance) but all communal areas including bar, changing rooms etc are to remain closed for general use.
  • Toilet facilities can be opened if the venue wishes, but particular care should be taken by those using them and those cleaning them. Where they are open, venues must ensure soap and water is provided.
  • No indoor activity at all.
  • We recommend using your own equipment if possible. If equipment is being shared, please follow UK Government’s guidance on the sharing of equipment.
  • No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.
  • Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible.

ECB is clear that outdoor facilities should only reopen if those responsible for them are ready to do so and they can do so safely, following public health guidance: no club should reopen their outdoor facilities if they feel unable to meet the requirements.

For clubs, you will need to have the following in place:

  • Properly maintained facilities.
  • A booking system for outdoor space or other means to manage access and demand.
  • The capability to advise individuals when booking to check for symptoms of COVID-19 and in turn to advise individuals when booking that - in line with current Government guidance - if they are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if they are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, they should remain at home and follow Government guidance.
  • A sanitation procedure between use/booking.
  • A representative of the club on site during the hours that the outdoor facilities are open for use.
  • Closed signs should be displayed when facilities are not open (including where a club does not wish to or is not ready to reopen) to deter use by general public particularly where there is open access.
  • Updated signage and access points.

For individuals, you will need to:


  • Seek confirmation from the club that it has reopened and make a booking.
  • Check for symptoms of COVID-19. In line with current Government guidance, if you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, you should remain at home and follow Government guidance.
  • Avoid public transport if at all possible.


ECB has provided detailed guidance on the preparation and administration of outdoor facilities for clubs, and guidelines for participation for individuals. The situation is evolving constantly, and we will continue to update our guidance as more information becomes available.


Further advice is available at the GOV.UK and Sport England websites. Please regularly check these sites and the updated ECB guidance as this policy position is likely to change over time and could also become more regionalised and localised as time progresses.

The full guidance document can be found here.


Discussions within local sport continue and many view there may be opportunity for a resumption in mid-summer. Indeed the Prime Minister confirmed that the virus could be beaten if everyone complies with Government guidelines regarding social distancing. He emphasised this might be possible within 12 weeks.
If this proves to be the case then a resumption of junior cricket might be possible by mid-June. So our intention is to continually review the situation and keep clubs at the ready, if they are able.

By the end of April an indication of direction of the infection rates might be clearer. So UAJCA is planning for such an eventuality.

We should be able to pick up from that point. If that proves to be very late in the piece, some fixtures may not attract a Championship award but be viewed as learning opportunities. We also hope that if a respite does occur, that the Black Rat Festival might be accommodated even on a delayed date. Importantly the fixture plan still sits on Play-Cricket sites.

May we wish your Club and all its volunteers and players the very best of health during this un-precedented period of turmoil for our country and indeed the whole world.



18th March 2020 from ECB

Dear all,


Following the Government’s latest advice around social distancing, it is with sadness and reluctance that we recommend that all forms of recreational cricket are for now suspended.

This extends to training, pre-season friendlies and any associated cricket activity.

Sport plays an absolutely vital role in the nation’s mental and physical wellbeing, and it helps people find meaning where there is fear and uncertainty, so one of our goals in the coming weeks will be to explore ways that we can support some levels of physical activity in communities - particularly at junior levels.

Using our cricket community to support others could be one of the most important services we can offer during the difficult next few months.

It will be critical that any decisions we do make are medically-led. And we will continue to work with Government and their advisors to ensure we are informed by science in our decision making.

Over the coming weeks we will work with the game to understand what support is required across the cricket community, particularly local clubs and leagues.

We understand that countless hours of work from thousands of volunteers have already gone into getting ready for the 2020 season and we know how disappointing this will be. We are thankful for the huge role that volunteers play in local cricket, to ensure the game remains at the heart of communities.


We know that you and your clubs can play an important role in bringing your community together once we get past this period of time.

17th March 2020
As you might expect rumours are rife and many sporting organisations have already made strategic decisions. The RFU and FA have cancelled all Rugby & Football, Rugby League is postponing games and even Crown Green Bowls has been suspended. The Indian Premier League has been deferred. So far the UK cricket authorities have been largely silent. However UAJCA understands there is likely a communication later today, so UAJCA does not propose any action until we have received that.
There are rumours that some senior cricket leagues may attempt to play half a season starting in July [play each other just once]. Junior Cricket doesn't really have that luxury.
So UAJCA may have three choices...
  1. Do Nothing and continue as normal [unlikely]
  2. Abandon the season altogether
  3. Delay the start and/or suspend certain competitions [partial shutdown].
In terms of considering a potential partial shut-down for UAJCA, the options to consider are all or any of the following:
  • The Winter Elite Academy
  • The Girls Coaching Course
  • The Joe Lumb Cup and The Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival
  • Representative Cricket friendly matches
  • Cup competitions [Finals in late June/early July]
  • The Black Rat Festival
  • Uner-9 Development programme
  • UAJCA League Matches
  1. Yesterday Pro Coach said they had no plans to cancel the Elite Academy then, but their view may have changed following the Government News.
  2. It has been suggested that if UAJCA somehow curtails the early part of the season, there may well not be sufficient time in which to fit in all Cup Rounds.
  3. The Black Rat Festival is currently scheduled for 21st June and may fall outside the lockdown period.
  4. UAJCA has scheduled H & A matches with Louth [Lincolnshire] and Cumbria and these longer-distance fixtures now seem contrary to the current advice regarding social mobility restriction advice.
  5. UAJCA has been in touch with the NYWGCA and they have expressed doubt about continuation of the Skipton course; but await announcement later today.
UAJCA is having to contemplate losing elements of cricket that normally fills our youngsters' summer with enjoyment. UAJCA is also cognisant of all the very hard work all clubs and teams have put into the game and indeed which this year seemed as though the game in UAJCA might have turned a corner.

But UAJCA has to recognise that cricket is only a game and that the protection of vulnerable people and control of the spread of the virus to save lives, far outweighs our personal love for cricket.

UAJCA expects an official communication later today/evening and will then try to finalise which options are best.

Monday 16th March 2020 advice from Government.

The PM has said everyone in the UK should avoid "non-essential" travel and contact with others to curb Coronavirus - as the country's death toll hit 55.

Boris Johnson said people should work from home where possible as part of a range of stringent new measures.

Pregnant women, people over the age of 70 and those with certain health conditions should consider the advice "particularly important", he said.

People in at-risk groups will be asked within days to stay home for 12 weeks.

More than 1,500 people have tested positive for the virus in the UK - but the actual number of cases is estimated to be between 35,000 and 50,000.

In the first of a series of daily briefings on the virus, the prime minister - alongside the government's chief scientific and medical advisers - said the key new measures are as follows:

  • Everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres
  • Everyone should work from home if they can
  • All "unnecessary" visits to friends and relatives in care homes should cease
  • By next weekend, those with the most serious health conditions must be "largely shielded from social contact for around 12 weeks"
  • The UK is now "three weeks" behind Italy - the worst-hit country in Europe
  • If one person in any household has a persistent cough or fever, everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days
  • Those people should, if possible, avoid leaving the house "even to buy food or essentials" - but they may leave the house "for exercise and, in that case, at a safe distance from others"
  • Schools will not be closed for the moment

Chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty said the group of people who should take "particular care to minimise their social contact" were:

  • People over the age of 70
  • Other adults who would normally be advised to have the flu vaccine (such as those with chronic diseases)
  • Pregnant women.

Sunday 15th March 2020

ECB are undertaking a number of steps to prepare for potential outcomes that an ongoing situation with Covid-19 might bring for the cricket community here in England and Wales.

In conjunction with our partners across the network, we are building contingency plans across a number of possible eventualities.

Our main priorities are to ensure we scope out the landscape for financial, logistical and scheduling implications.

It is difficult for us to be sure of what outcomes the game might be expected to deal with. Therefore, we will continue to plan for the expectation that the season proceeds as normal, but in parallel prepare for a range of scenarios. These could include the possibility of playing matches behind closed doors, or potentially postponing or cancelling elements of the season.

We continue to enjoy constructive dialogue with DCMS and also our commercial and broadcast partners – who match our ambitions to see the game of cricket thrive in 2020 and beyond. We are certain that jointly, we will all come to solutions that best protect those who love cricket, and the game itself.

please remember that the most recent advice is that if a person feels unwell, with symptoms such as a new and continuous cough, they should self-isolate at home for seven days.


The 2020 UAJCA Representative team trials will again take place at South Craven School Sports Hall on Sunday 19th April. Invited trialists will by now have received an email. Schedule:


Under-10s  09:00-10:30 with Managers Alex Haworth & Chris Cummings

Under-11s  10:30-12:00 with Manager Mark Stoneman

Under-12s  12:30-14:00 with Managers Oliver Gledhill & Robin Youngman

Under-13s  14:00-15:30 with Managers Ji Mukherjee & Jim Lampkin


Date and venue Under-15 and Under-17s with Managers Adnaan Shafique and Neil Bishop will be confirmed soon.

Please note that due to a Ribblesdale SL fixture clash with our Second Grand Finals Day at Settle CC on 5th July, it is now necessary to swap the two venues. So the Cup Finals will now be as follows:
Sunday 28th June  U11s [10:00am] and U15s [2:00pm] will be hosted by SETTLE CC
Sunday   5th July U9s [09:30am], u13s [12 nnon] & u17s [3:00pm] will be hosted by UPPER WHARFEDALE CC
All website pages are now amended.
There is to be a CWO Refresher Course at Sutton-in-Craven CC on Thursday 9th April. The course is aimed at those who require an updated Safe Hands certificate The booking link for the course is below:

There is to be an ECB Foundation 1 Coaching Course at Crossflatts CC on Monday evenings in April and May.

ECB Foundation I Coach Programme

Crossflatts CC. April 20, 27, May 11 and 18 (reserve May 25) all 6 pm to 9 pm. Cost £150. Book online by clicking here deadline for bookings is midnight April 13. More info from

This programme is designed to give students knowledge, skills and confidence to coach cricket sessions that are active, purposeful, enjoyable and safe.  An ECB Foundation I Coach is qualified to lead coaching sessions independently and without supervision. It is now the entry level qualification required to coach cricket. This is an ideal course for new coaches and gives all necessary training to run a junior team.
UAJCA is delighted to report that Keighley-based Construction Company R N Wooler Ltd will again support UAJCA for the 2020 season.

Director Gareth Wooler is pleased to extend the commercial partnership with UAJCA for a fourth year. However UAJCA does respect the Company wish to  thereafter provide support for other worthy causes in the district.

The four-year backing provided by R N Wooler has enabled UAJCA to continue to provide its wide range of cricket development activities and the UAJCA Executive offers huge thanks to the Directors and all at the Company for its commitment.

Further announcement that the under-15 Girls are drawn AWAY at Holme Valley in the Lady Taverners' competition. The match is scheduled for Monday 25th May, time to be confirmed. More to come....
Manager Neil Bishop now advises that the Under-13 Girls have been drawn at Home to face Leyland CC in the Lady Taverners' competition. The match is to be played at Haworth CC on Sunday 26th April, start time to be agreed..

Upper Airedale JCA is advised that our under-10s will face neighbours Nidderdale JCL at Home in the first round of the K3 Under-10 Cup. The full draw is:
Upper Airedale v Nidderdale
Aire Wharfe v East Yorks
Heavy Woollen v Wetherby
Huddersfield v Halifax
1st round ties are to be completed by 1st July

The 4 losing teams will enter the Cricket Asylum plate. The 4 winners remain in the K3. All matches will be 30 overs aside with a minimum of 25 if played on an evening. In this competition County players CAN play.
6 bowlers to be used with a max of 6 overs per bowler.
Batters do not have to retire (manager Discretion)
12 players can take part only 11 to bat.
W/k can not bowl.
Home team to provide a tea.
Each team provides its own umpire, except finals where teas, Umpires, match balls and medals will be paid for by our fantastic sponsors.
Finals will be early September.

Thanks for the continued support of junior cricket by K3 Cosmetic Dental Surgery and The Cricket Asylum.


Bradford West Cricket Development Group are planning a series of  First  Aid and Child Protection workshops for clubs.  Dates are as follows  

18 March First Aid: Venue Steeton Cricket Club, Cost £30

25 March 2020 Safe Guarding: Venue Crossflatts Cricket Club, Cost £30

The cost to clubs will be £30.00 with clubs from the CDG group receiving a discount of £5.00 .

Contact: Shiv Krishan or Terry Davis for further information


The 2020 UAJCA Annual General Meeting was held at Sutton-in-Craven CC on Thursday 6th February with 13 member clubs and 2 applicant clubs. Three clubs were unrepresented due to illness or absence.

Mr Tom Bates [YCB Club & Community Officer] attended and outlined ECB-YCB recruitment initiatives; All Stars, Dynamo Cricket and the Women & Girls strategy which will feature strongly over the next few years.

All standing officers were re-elected and new appointments approved for Rachael Caton [CWO] and Keith Gilert [Compliance Officer]. Four new team managers Oliver Gledhill, Alex Haworth, Robin Youngman and Chris Cummings were appointed to join the existing manager group.

Retiring Chairman Mr Trevor Coe was thanked for his service dating back to the early 1980s as were four retiring team managers Richard Powell, Jon Hall, Richard Craddock and Alistair Harrison.

Applicant clubs Barnoldswick CC and Long Lee CC were unanimously approved for membership. Members also approved two new regulations relating to fixture re-scheduling and re-arrangement as proposed from their November meeting without any opposing votes.  They also approved adoption of an under-9 development programme and a competitive Cup competition. Extension of the under-17 league to embrace under-18s was also approved.

The 2020 season will see 'Country' Cup Finals at both Upper Wharfedale CC [Grassington] and Settle CC on 28th June and 5th July. Indian tourists New Delhi will again take on our boys on 19th June at u14, u12 and hopefully u-10 level. Our Lincolnshire friends at Louth CC will also feature with Home and Away matches on 31st May and 7th June.

Clubs announced their team entry plans for 2020 and revealed a massive increase in comparison to 2019. This year a definite 61 teams will take part in UAJCA competitions with a further 3 as possible entries. In 2019 UAJCA embraced 52 teams and so this season sees an amazing increase of between 17 and 22%. Similarly entries for the 2020 Black Festival on 21st June have soared with 35 teams seeking the 30 places available. Final confirmation of entries is due on 5th March at the Pre-season meeting.

Girls Development Manager Neil Bishop reports that the UAJCA application to join the new Lady Taverners T20 competition for both under-13 and under-15 teams has been accepted by the ECB. More to follow......

The 2019-20 winter coaching course has commenced on Sunday 12th January for 10 weeks. The cost is £75 for the 10 weeks [ie 15 hours coaching], but if paid in full in advance will be available for £6.

If you require more information please contact Neil Bishop [07771-756486] or the Secretary Terry Thompson [07868-288758].


Ten UAJCA players have been successful at the YCB Pathways trials [at South Craven] and been offered places on the Pathways coaching programme proper in the New Year. UAJCA offers congratulations to: Rhys Mazey [Crossflatts], Thomas Durn [Crossflatts], Oliver Riley-Radcliffe [Embsay], Thomas Mountain [Embsay], Max Seddon [Settle], Greg Riddiough [Sutton], Elis Jones [Oakworth], Adam Harding [Embsay], Sam Stoneman [Sutton] and Archie Brooksbank [Crossflatts]. In addition brothers James & Joe Powell [Oakworth] were successful from the York Centre, Harry Robinson [Oakworth] from the Headingley Centre and Eddie Fordham [Oxenhope] from the Halifax Centre ....... so fourteen in total [up 6 from 2018].

Thirteen other boys were not on this occasion successful but are likely to be offered coaching via MCC Hubs.

Thanks should also go to Ji Mukherjee and Jo Holderness, both of whom worked with Jonathan MacGregor, the Pathways coach, in leading the Pathways trial.

UAJCA is delighted to announce that our under-11 competitions will again from 2020 have a business partner to help with finances. The support will once again come from former partner CartaSport through its charity CartaSport in Christ.  The charity, through the auspices of former MD Mr Howard Carter are pleased to restore their support for UAJCA from 2020. UAJCA is very grateful to the CartaSport organisation, which previously partnered UAJCA between 2004 and 2017

Our Annual get-together at the magnificent Malham Suite in the Rendezvous to acclaim all our winners, both team and individual was a huge success with an attendance of perhaps 350 players, parents and officials. UAJCA was fortunate to have guests on the night with Commercial Partner Gareth Wooler [RN Wooler] [above] joined by Johandre Barnard [S Africa] .

UAJCA was also very fortunate to have the services of photographer John Whiteoak and we are sure you will enjoy his superb photos. To view the full report and photos of the winners CLICK HERE


Sunday 15th September is the date for our last Rep match of the 2019 season , and its the K3 Cup-Final against neighbours Aire-Wharfe under-10s. The match will be at Carlton CC [near Leeds] WF3 3QU. Mark Stoneman's strong squad of  boys [and girl] that almost won the inaugural 100-baller will again be :

Sam Stoneman [Capt, Sutton], Noah Kennedy, Charlie Price & Ryan Lee [all Skipton], Alex Hall, Ben Jolly & Freddie Ward [all Earby], Eddie Fordham & Oliver Bija [both Oxenhope], Tom Mountain [Embsay], Archie Ward [Crossflatts] and Joe Powell [Oakworth]. Reserve is Freya Craddock [Earby].


The 2019 season for UAJCA under-12s came to a very satisfying close with a 34-run victory against Cumbria. Ji Mukherjee's team brought the curtain down with a team score of 148-5, which featured 50s for Joe Birks [Skipton] and Hamza Saeed [GHC].

With the ball Jack Caton [Bradley] was the pick with 2 for 4 but Louisa Hutchinson [Steeton] deserves special praise for opening the bowling with 5-0-15-1. Cumbria were held to 114-9... Scorecard......

Under-10s manager Mark Stoneman reports a highly successful team performance in the inaugural Nidderdale 100-ball tournament. Report from Mark........

UAJCA u10s attended the inaugural 100-Ball tournament held at Studley Royal CC, UAJCA were drawn in a group containing Huddersfield, Nidderdale B & Halifax.
Our first game was against Huddersfield, UAJCA won the toss end elected to Bat first making 98-3 (Thomas Mountain 43, Sam Stoneman 18, Charlie Price 15, Archie Ward 13). We then went into field and with the game going to the very last ball UAJCA managed to get a win holding Huddersfield to 97-6 (Sam Stoneman 2-10, Oliver Bija 1-7, Freya Craddock 1-3, Thomas Mountain 1-5).
Player of the match went to Thomas Mountain for his superb 43 with the bat!
On to our second game which was against Nidderdale B, again UAJCA batted first and with a different order which proved to be sensational with Opener Ryan Lee scoring 85 runs, his innings included six 4’s and 6 sixes!! UAJCA ended with an innings total of 140-3 (Ryan Lee 85, Archie Ward 16, Oliver Bija 11, Eddie Fordham 10). So into the field we went and it was again another dominant performance from the team both whilst bowling and fielding restricting the boundary opportunities and landing 3 catches UAJCA held Nidderdale B to a total of 43 all out (Charlie Price 2-0, Thomas Mountain 2-1, Oliver Bija 2-3, Noah Kennedy 1-5, Sam Stoneman 1-6). Player of the match went to Ryan Lee for his fantastic 85 with the bat! (the highest individual score of the tournament)
Our third group game was a 10-ball super over, this involved the whole team bowling 1 ball each and then a batting order facing 10 balls with the team scoring the most runs winning. UAJCA bowled first and held Halifax to a super over score of 7-3 with Archie, Ryan & Freya all taking 1 wicket each, we then went into bat and won with a score of 11-2 (Ryan Lee 6, Sam Stoneman 4*, Thomas Mountain 1). 

So it was onto the final which was against Nidderdale A, and with the day slightly overrunning the match was reduced to a 60-ball game, this was always going to be a close match, UAJCA had won all 3 group stage games, Nidderdale A had won just 2.

UAJCA Batted first and found it tougher to get runs off the Nidderdale A bowling attack, however once we warmed up we finished our innings on 60-1 (Thomas Mountain 29*, Charlie Price 16*, Ryan Lee 2) and so it was out to field we went…UAJCA gave another strong fielding performance and battled valiantly however with just 10 balls remaining Nidderdale A needed just 8 runs to win, then 6 runs, then 4 and with 3 balls remaining Nidderdale A found the boundary to win with a score of 61-3 (Oliver Bija 1-1, Archie Ward 1-5, Ryan Lee 1-5). Player of the match went to Oliver Bija for his great fielding and bowling return of 1-1.
The whole team were fantastic throughout a long day, every member of the squad worked hard and bowled, batted and fielded very well which is really positive sign ahead of our K3 cup final match on 15th September!

Due mainly to holidays, the delayed under-11s Championship Play-Off match was played on 1st September at Prk Avenue, Bradford. The Upper Wharfedale batting was led by Charlie Caygill wiyh  a sound 17. Hi team tallied 196-6 in the light of excellent bowling led by Abdullah Hussain 2-5 and Awais Khan 2-10. The Great Horton Church batting was spearheaded by Awais Khan with 29 and stronger back up from Abdullah Hussain [18] and Ibrahim Hasmi [17]. There were Wharfedale wickets for Albert Denneny and Harry Lancaster with a run out by Jake Smith also helping their cause . But the Great Horton Church batting proved too strong as the Bradford side claimed the Championship by 92 runs, going one step further than in 2018. It is the second occasion that Great Horton Church have captured the under-11s Championship, their first coming in 2015. Both team captured above, courtesy Shiv Krishan


UAJCA under-15s, having defeated Nidderdale by 16 runs on Monday, claimed a resounding third group win at Wetherby. For the first time ever UAJCA u15s have reached the semi-finals - report see under-15s page.....


UAJCA under-10s have reached our first K3 Dental Cup Final with a 7-run victory over Nidderdale in the semi-final at Wilsden CC.  See under-10s page...


This year's u13 team recovered well from having to concede their fixture with Aire-Wharfe as many players were unavailable due to a school trip. They pulled off a first ever win over the Heavy Woollen District, which embraces many Premier League clubs.

At Ossett CC they came away with a 21 run victory. In a low scoring game, skipper James Powell led from the front with 23 and had great backing from Charlie Jackson [21] and Jacob Stephens [18] in a modest total of 112 all out in 31.3 overs. With the ball James again excelled taking 2-8 in 7 very tidy overs. Club team-mates Jake Keslinke [2-9] and Stan Lloyd [2-10] piled on the pressure and had the home side at 57-7. Number 9 Appleyard hit out for 23 but was bowled by Jake and they ended at 91 all out.

The next match was at sunny Sutton-in-Craven and UAJCA hosted Scarborough and scraped a narrow win by 1 wicket. Scarborough won the toss and elected to bat but soon lost both openers to Max Seddon [Settle], both bowled. Jake Keslinke was in fine bowling form claiming 3 wickets for just 9 runs. Scarborough tallied 124 with 36 coming from no 5, Toby Jones. With the bat UAJCA started well with skipper James Powell looking dominant but after his departure for 25, the wheels came off a little and UAJCA found themselves at 63-5. Oakworth duo Jacob Davies [14] and Elis Jones [35no] stabilised the ship and propelled us towards the finishing line. 3 wickets fell and Elis was left to shepherd no 11 Waleed Raja. He hit successive fours to take us over the line, with another 9.26 points in the bag.

The final match was played in the knowledge we couldn't reach the semi-finals even with a 10 point win.  With rain threatening all around, UAJCA batted first at Skipton CC against Hambleton District and an early batting collapse saw the team at 23-5. Number 6 Henry Meynell found the gaps and rescued the innings with a first class 35no with great help from no 11 Greg Riddiough who scored  a very sound 12.  Our 88 all out score looked decidedly vulnerable but an opening phase saw UAJCA bowlers taking 5 Hambleton wickets to have them at 42-5. Leggie Charlie Jackson picked up 3 wickets whilst the pace-men kept the batsmen quiet. All that is except Jake Percival who put bat to ball and whacked a rapid 40 not out to carry his team to 89-5. So we concluded the tournament with 2 wins and 2 losses but in contention throughout.

Now over to the under-15s who won their first match at Sheffield and currently top the group. The next match is on Monday 5th August at Earby CC [11:00am]. Everyone welcome!


The 2019 UAJCA representative sides had a wonderful day on Sunday 21st July in the Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival.

The under-13s team travelled to Ossett CC to take on Heavy Woollen District and came away with a 21 run victory. In a low scoring game, skipper James Powell led from the front with 23 and had great backing from Charlie Jackson [21] and Jacob Stephens [18] in a modest total of 112 all out in 31.3 overs. With the ball James again excelled taking 2-8 in 7 very tidy overs. Club team-mates Jake Keslinke [2-9] and Stan Lloyd [2-10] piled on the pressure and had the home side at 57-7. Number 9 Appleyard hit out for 23 but was bowled by Jake and they ended at 91 all out. Having had to concede to Aire-Wharfe last week, this was a great result and we look forward to next Friday when we take on Scarborough at Sutton-in-Craven.

Under-15 Manager Adnaan Shafique took a makeshift team to Bradfield CC and also came away with a win. Also batting first, skipper Jack Luxton also produced a Captain''s innings with 51. At number 7 Mohammed Yusuf chipped in 35 not out with keeper Ibrahim Butt also adding 29.  Our bowlers did a grand job in containing the Sheffield batsmen at 153-9 with 2 wickets each for Jack, club-mate Johnny Atherton and Oakworth leggie Subhaan Ahmed. The next match is on August 5th at Earby CC vs the Nidderdale League.


UAJCA is very proud to announce another one of its quality players has been selected for the County squad. Long overdue, its James Powell from Oakworth CC. After some scintillating performances for and against Regional sides and Durham County, James has finally been welcomed into the White Rose under-13s set-up. This weekend he rattled off 98 not out for West Yorkshire against South Yorkshire.

Well done James, it now gets tougher but lets see you follow in the recent footsteps of Will Luxton, and James Mukherjee.


Nab Wood Crematorium was awash with cricketers and former cricketers to say farewell to Len Falkingham. Len [89] passed away at his home of two years at Thompson Court recently. UAJCA offers its sincere condolences to his extended family. His grandsons gave the eulogy for a grandfather who had dedicated his long life to the game of cricket and in particular to his beloved Harden Cricket Club.

His son Mark and two grandsons Martin and Richard had been joined at the  club by Len's great-grandson Alfie who is now making his career at the Cuckoos Nest in the Harden under-11s.

Len had been President of the club for 52 years and was until recently an active member of  the Keighley Cup Committee, sponsors of UAJCA under-17s League.

Farewell Len... you'll be missed


UAJCA boys Archie Ward [Crossflatts], Sam Stoneman [Sutton] and Ed Fordham [Oxenhope] all represented West Yorkshire at Castleford CC in a T20 Regional Phase 2 match on 3rd July and went on to win the competition!!!

First match result YCB South 59 all out [Archie 2-10] vs YCB West 87-5 [Archie 16no] . In the Final, YCB West restricted YCB East & Central to 79-4 and then scored 80-5 [Archie 3no]. In both matches Sam and Eddie did not bat but both bowled in the Final without taking a wicket.

Playing for North Yorkshire in the T20 was under-9 Joe Powell [Oakworth], pictured right.

Well done indeed boys. Keep working hard!!


Steeton u-9s, Great Horton Church u-13s and Bradford & Bingley u17s all played and succumbed to their Oakworth equivalents at the second Grand Finals day at Skipton CC. The three Oakworth teams had all reached the Finals and all three emerged winners on 30th June. First up, the under-9s Final had Steeton posting 231-13, a real score of 96-13 as their batsmen picked up the runs at the expense of their wickets. Oakworth's batsmen were more circumspect and lost just 4 wickets and picked up 243-4 [real 63-4] to capture the Pairs Cup for their first time by 12 runs. Man-of-the-match was Oakworth's Haroon Nazam who took 4 of the Steeton wickets.

The under-13s Final was eagerly awaited and again Oakworth batted second. Great Horton Church were limited to 72 all out by some excellent Oakworth bowling from Stan Lloyd and Elis Jones, who each picked up 3 scalps. Top batsman for the Bradford side was UAJCA Taverner's u12 captain Hamza Saeed with 28. Joint men of the match were Jake Keslinke and James Powell [both Oakworth].

Finally Bradford & Bingley were contained again by Oakworth bowlers at 92 all out. Ellis Marshall was the pick of the Oakworth attack with 3-7 from 5 overs. Oakworth reached 50-1 and looked to be cruising towards a third victory but the Bees still had a sting in their tail and they hit back to get Oakworth at 78-8. The Bingley attack found its range and Reece Cockshott's 6-31 led them closer. Oakworth did though run out winners at 93-8 to achieve the historic treble, ie the first club to win 3 Cup Finals in the same year. Reece Cockshott was awarded the Man-of-the match for his superb bowling.


Great Horton Church under-15s batted first in the Hargreaves Cup Final and after reaching 20-0 found the Steeton bowling on top form. Only skipper Saqif Ali got to grips with the Steeton attack, and he retired at 41. GHC were dismissed for just 67. Steeton top bowlers were Jack Luxton, Charlie Raby and Johnny Atherton. Steeton knocked off the runs with 2 wickets down in good time to retain the trophy they won in 2018.


On Sunday 23rd June Great Horton Church under-11s retained the Barritt-Stephenson Cup with a 4-wicket win against Crossflatts u-11s. The Final was a terrific match with GHC always ahead of the game but with a spirited fight-back from the Bingley boys a really great Final was achieved. The 72 posting by the 'Flatts was arguably 15 runs light and so it proved, but with 3 wickets in two overs the Crossflatts fielders and bowlers really excelled. The lower order GHC batsmen though had enough left in the tank to see them over the line with 16 overs completed. Man-of-the match went to popular winner in Abdullah Hussain.

To Wilsden CC must go huge thanks for some superb wicket preparation by Ray Graham and to Mark Humphreys and his team for excellent work in the kitchen. Thanks also to the Umpires: Nigel Hodge [Earby] & John Chapman [Steeton]


All the County Age Group teams [from u10 through to u15] have now been announced by YCB [see website]. Lachlan Doidge of Bradford & Bingley has been selected for the County under-14s squad as announced by YCB. Congratulations Lachlan and good luck.

Club-mate Elliot Robinson is also in the u-13 Development squad. Well done Elliot.

Since the reduction in number of Regional teams from 6 to 4, UAJCA has seen its representation decrease substantially thus far. Archie Phillipson [Embsay], Joe Birks [Skipton], Lachlan and Elliot are our successes this year. However, Phase 2 of the new system unfolds soon and perhaps more of our players might make the cut. Come on boys, fly the flag.


Skipton's Joe Birks has represented North Yorkshire in 2018 and 2019. And now he has been selected for one of the two Yorkshire under-11s teams, The Tykes and The Phoenix. Joe is play for the Phoenix and he will face the Tykes on Monday 17th June. Good luck Joe!


Father Richard has informed UAJCA that u-12s Captain Archie Phillipson [Embsay CC] has been selected for the Yorkshire County 'A' squad. Fantastically well done Archie, the hard work continues!



Building further on success of Ella Throupe [see below] in selection for the u-13 West Yorkshire District Team, the West Warriors, four u-11 girls have been selected for West District teams. They are: Sahdia Umar & Imaan Zharah [both ex-Riddlesden], Louisa Hutchinson [Steeton] and Lauren Hunter [Oakworth]. Freya Craddock [Earby] is recommended for u-13 county observation. Sandylands trainee Emily Hall has been selected for the North Yorkshire squad. In addition Hema Bhatoa [Oxenhope] was observed for County and has been recommended for training with Lancashire at Old Trafford, as the Yorkshire squad is so strong.  And to complete the good news, Evie Brook [Thornton] is offered a place in the inter-District team the West Wolves.

Congratulations girls, after just one season in the system!!


Congratulations to Earby Cricket Club's Adam Hodge who has been named Lancashire Cricket Academy Under 13's Player of the Year at Lancashire Cricket's County Age Group awards presentation which took place in The Point at Emirates Old Trafford on Wednesday evening (21/11/18)

Well done Adam

UAJCA can proudly state it has provided cricket opportunity for the top player in Yorkshire and the best player in Lancashire in the same year!!


UAJCA acclaims the successes of two of its players, who have both been awarded places within the Yorkshire County team structure.

Will Luxton [Steeton CC] [below left] was acclaimed as the Player of the Season by YCCC following his appearance for the North of England at the Bunbury Festival and his earlier century against rivals Lancashire. Will now finds himself a place on the Emerging Player Programme [EPP]

To his right is James Mukherjee [Skipton CC] who now has a place at the Yorkshire Academy following his stint with the EPP and County Age Group appearances in 2018, despite being injured for a while.

We're very proud of you both, lads. We wish you all the best in your quest in higher status cricket. Fly the UAJCA flag!!

Will Luxton James Mukherjee
date   Age Home  


09 Aug u13 Skipton u15 UAJCA u13 Skipton CC
14 Aug u13



Skipton CC
20 Aug u13

Heavy Woollen


New Farnley CC
23 Aug u10 UAJCA Huddersfield Haworth CC
28 Aug u13 Nidderdale UAJCA TBC
06 Sept u11 Huddersfield UAJCA Broad Oak CC





League Batting

Will Luxton


Joe Lumb Cup batsman

Oliver Bishop


League Bowling

Finlay Brown


Joe Lumb Cup bowler

Harris Rowlett


League Fielding

Elliot Wilson


League Keeping

Lucas Keslinke


Joe Lumb Cup Merit

Oliver Bishop


Cricketer of the Year



League Batting

Adam Hodge


Yorks Festival batting

Jack Luxton


League Bowling

Adam Hodge


Yorks Festival bowling

Louie Wilkinson


League Fielding

Jack Whitaker


League Keeping

Joshua Whiteoak


Yorks Festival Merit

Will Smith


Cricketer of the Year



League Batting

Jake Keslinke


Yorks Festival batting

James Powell


League Bowling

Ben Hall


Yorks Festival bowling

Charlie Jackson


League Fielding

Robbie Pickard


League Keeping

Jacob Stephens


Yorks Festival Merit

Henry Meynell


Development batting

Hamza Saeed


Development bowling

Max Williams


Development Merit

Owais Mahmood


Cricketer of the Year



League Batting

Ryan Lee


Yorks Festival batting

Jake Smith


League Bowling

Sam Stoneman


Yorks Festival bowling

Tom Raby


League Fielding

Umair Chaudary, Tom Mountain


League Keeping

Archie Brewster


Yorks Festival Merit

Harry Hinchcliffe


Development batting

Ben Jolly


Development bowling

Sam Stoneman


Development Merit

Edward Fordham


Cricketer of the Year



League Batting

Harry Robinson


League Bowling

Haroon Nazam


Yorks Festival batting

Harry Robinson


Yorks Festival bowling

Milo Robinson


Young Girl Cricketer



Girl Cricketer of Year



UNDER 17s Steeton CC
UNDER 15s Gt Horton Church CC
UNDER 13s Oakworth CC
UNDER 11s Gt Horton Church CC
UNDER 9s Oakworth CC


Spencer Cup [u17] Oakworth CC
Hargreaves Cup [u15] Steeton CC
Hindle Cup [u13] Oakworth CC
Barritt-Stephenson Cup [u11] Gt Horton Ch CC
Soft-Ball Pairs Cup [u9] Oakworth CC


UNDER 13s Oakworth CC
UNDER 11s Skipton CC
UNDER 9s Earby CC


UNDER 17s [Joe Lumb Cup] Harris Rowlett
UNDER 15s [Yorkshire Festival] Jack Luxton
UNDER 13s [Yorkshire Festival] James Powell
UNDER 12s [Development Team] Archie Phillipson
UNDER 11s [Yorkshire Festival] Thomas Chapman
UNDER 10s [Development Team] Alex Hall