UAJCA is advised by YCB that the 24 boys listed below have been successful in gaining a place on the 2018  Pathways Coaching programme. Only 10 nominations were not successful. 15 boys fall under the auspices of Bradford-Calderdale District and 9 under North Yorkshire.
Saqif Ali Gt Horton Church






Joe Birks Skipton
Tom Celik Oxenhope









Harry Hollingsworth Steeton






Jack Luxton Steeton


















Muhammed Shakoor Bfd & Bingley






Matthew Swallow Bfd & Bingley



Mohammed Zahid Gt Horton Church

Congratulations to all the boys, UAJCA is very proud to see you maintaining the high standards of recent seasons


Sunday 27th May Monday 11th June Sunday 17th June
Nottinghamshire  Cheshire Wales
Home ECB CUP Home ECB CUP Away Friendly
Wed/Thurs 30th & 31st May Sunday 17th June Thursday 21st June
T20 Tournament Lancashire Leicestershire
Worksop College Away ECB CUP Home Cup
Sunday 3rd June Tuesday 26th June Sunday 24th June
Derbyshire Cumbria Cumbria
Home ECB CUP Home ECB CUP Home Cup
Tues/Weds 12th & 13th June Sunday 1st July Sunday 1st July
Warwickshire Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire
Away 50 over and 2x T20 Away ECB CUP Away Cup
Sunday 17th June Monday 9th July Sunday 8th July
Lancashire Derbyshire Warwickshire
Home ECB CUP Home ECB CUP Home 2x T20
Wednesday 27th June Tuesday 17th July Thursday 12th July
Cheshire Lancashire Durham
Away ECB CUP Away 2x T20 Home Friendly
Sunday 1st July Sunday 22nd July Monday 16th July
Nottinghamshire Warwickshire Lancashire
Away ECB CUP Home 50 over Away Cup
Weds/Thurs 4th & 5th July Monday 23rd July Sunday 22nd July
Lancashire Warwickshire Cheshire
Home 50 over 2x T20 Home 2x T20 Home Cup
Sunday 15th July Tuesday 31st July Wednesday 25th July
Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Staffordshire
Away ECB CUP Away ECB CUP Home Cup
Sunday 22nd July Wednesday 8th August Tuesday 31st July
Lancashire Durham Kent U14 Development 
Away ECB CUP Home ECB CUP Away (Tour) Friendly
Wednesday 1st August Tues/Wed 14th & 15th August Wednesday 1st August
Cheshire Lancashire Kent U14 Development 
Home ECB CUP Home 2 Day Away (Tour) 2x T20
Wednesday 15th August Mon/Tues 20th & 21st August Thursday 2nd August
ECB Quarter Finals (if successful) Warwickshire Essex
  Away 2 Day Away (Tour) Friendly
Weds/Thurs 22nd & 23rd August    
ECB Finals (if successful) Friday 24th August Tuesday 7th August
  Norfolk Lancashire
  Home Home Friendly
    Tuesday 14th August
    Away Cup
    Quadrangular County Twenty20
    Away 2x T20
    Sunday 26th August
    Northern Counties Cup Final (if successful)
    Woodhouse Grange CC Cup Final
Sunday 10th June Sunday 24th June Tuesday 29th May
Cheshire Wales District XI
Home 45 overs Away 40 overs 40 overs
Wednesday 20th June Tuesday 26th June Monday 11th June
Lancashire Lancashire Nottinghamshire
Home 45 overs Away 40 overs Home 40 overs
Sunday 1st July Sunday 1st July Sunday 24th June
Wales Nottinghamshire Tykes
Home 45 overs Home 40 overs 40 overs
Weds 4th July Sunday 8th July Tuesday 3rd July
Warwickshire Lancashire Staffordshire
Home 45 overs Home 40 overs Home 40 overs
Sunday 8th July Monday 30th July Sunday 8th July
Staffordshire Cheshire Tykes
Home 45 overs Home 40 overs 40 overs
Sunday 15th July Tuesday 2nd August Sunday 29th July
Lancashire Warwickshire Tykes
Away 45 overs Home 40 overs 40 overs
Tuesday 24th July Wednesday 8th August Wednesday 8th August
Warwickshire Warwickshire Lancashire & Tykes T20 Day
Away 2x T20 Away 40 overs Home
Thursday 26th July Thursday 9th August Tuesday 14th August
Nottinghamshire Staffordshire Lancashire
Home 45 overs Away 40 overs Away 40 overs
Tuesday 14th August Monday 13th August Thursday 23rd August
Cheshire Nottinghamshire or Staffordshire Nottinghamshire & Tykes T20 Day 
Away 45 overs Away 40 overs Home
Mon/Tues/Wed 20th, 21st & 22nd August Wednesday 15th August TBC
Rugby School Festival  Derbyshire Warwickshire
Rugby School Away 40 overs TBC 40 overs
    Warwickshire T20 Day
Thursday 31st May    
District XI    
40 overs    
Wednesday 13th June    
Home 40 overs    
Sunday 24th June    
40 overs    
Sunday 8th July    
40 overs    
Tuesday 17th July    
Home 40 overs    
Sunday 22nd July    
Away 40 overs    
Sunday 29th July    
40 overs    
Wednesday 8th August    
Lancashire & Vikings T20 Day    
Home T20    
Sunday 12th August    
Away 40 overs    
Thursday 23rd August    
Nottinghamshire & Tykes T20 Day    
Warwickshire T20 Day    


Understanding The Pathways Coaching Programme.

The Pathways Coaching Programme [each year Jan-Mar] is a high level coaching programme operated by YCB appointed coaches. Its purpose is to provide elite players with the best coaching, so that they may achieve the highest possible standard of cricket. The District Centre’s (pre-Xmas) are for players that have either represented their District side or played in the Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival. During the 7 weeks of coaching at a District Centre an assessment is made by the coaches to decide whether or not players are of suitable standard to progress to the Bronze Elite Centre (post-Christmas) where they will join up with County players who have been graded at either Bronze, Silver or Gold standard.

It is NOT a stepping stone to County Age Group or District Team selection. The programme utilises an assessment process which grades students at either Bronze, Silver or Gold standard. Only players who have reached the Gold standard may expect CAG selection, if progress is maintained. The only guarantee for students at Bronze or Silver standard is that they will be automatically invited to District Cricket trials.

Understanding The UAJCA Winter Academies

Elite Academy

UAJCA has engaged the services of Pro Coach YCCC to administer and deliver an Academy Coaching Programme for players who have performed well in UAJCA competitions and have played for UAJCA Development or Festival teams.

Development Academy

UAJCA has during winter 2017-18 engaged the services of professional coaching suppliers to administer and deliver an Academy Coaching Programme for players [aged 9 to 13] who have yet to make their mark in UAJCA competitions but nevertheless have a desire to progress further.

Aged up to 13, played 2018 UAJCA league & cup matches [min 6] but not yet reached consistently high levels of performance Will be nominated by UAJCA for a place on the UAJCA Winter Development Academy [Coaching for All]. An email will be sent to parents advising nomination and inviting application for places Parents may book a place by contacting the UAJCA selected provider [TBC]
Played in 2018 UAJCA league & cup matches AND was assessed by UAJCA as likely to benefit from Elite Academy Coaching Will be nominated by UAJCA for a place on the UAJCA Winter Elite Academy [South Craven School]. An email will be sent to parents advising of nomination, inviting application for a place Parents may book a place by contacting the UAJCA selected provider [Pro Coach, YCCC]
Played Yorkshire Festival matches in 2018 Will be nominated By UAJCA for a trial at the District Centre [South Craven School]. A link to the on-line booking system will be sent by email to the parent, who should book a trial. Parents may book trial places via an YCB on-line place booking system.
Played District Cricket for either Bradford-Calderdale or North Yorkshire in 2018 Will automatically be sent an electronic link by YCB to the YCB on-line booking system. NB Parents must book for the trial. Parents may book trial places via an YCB on-line place booking system.
Played County Age Group [CAG] cricket for Yorkshire Will automatically be reserved a place by YCB at a Bronze, Silver or Gold District Centre. Parents will not need to book a trial as places are reserved and advised by email

Via the on-line booking system an applicant is able to choose his/hers 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice centre via a Link to appear here:

The booking system will close on the 15th August and then places will be confirmed by the end of August. The centre at South Craven School will run for 7 weeks on TBC

U10-U11-U12 6pm-7:30pm, U13-U14-U15 7:30pm-9pm.

For more details please see our FAQ’s at: http://www.yorkshirecb.com/page/pathways/frequently-asked-questions/q--a-11818/

Email pathways@yorkshirecb.com or call 0113 203 3686 if you still have any queries.


David Cooper, YCB District Management Convenor and David Foster [Pathways] advise the following 14 UAJCA boys successfully gained places at a 2018 Pathways Bronze Centre from pre-Xmas trials at South Craven.


age-group Player Club age-group Player Club
u10 Joe Birks Skipton u14    
u11     u14    
u12     u15    
u13     u15    
u13     u16    
u14     u16    
u14     u16    

Congratulations and good luck at the Bronze Centre at Bradford GS in the New Year! Commiserations to those that were unsuccessful and better luck next year.

UAJCA Junior Coaches 2018
under-9s Coach-Managers under-10s Coach-Manager under-11s Coach-Manager under-12s Coach-Manager under-13s Coach-Manager under-15s Coach-Manager

Steve Powell & Ji Mukherjee

Ji Mukherjee


Andrew Keslinke & Richard Powell

Alistair Harrison

Ben Holderness


The number of players from UAJCA nominated for District trials is shown below. Most players are nominated by County & Pathways with UAJCA coaches putting forward others who have performed well in the Yorkshire Festival. John Green, North Yorkshire District Cricket Co-ordinator, has advised that UAJCA players have been very prominent in the 2017 North Yorkshire trials. David Cooper has also provided names of successful first level trialists for Bradford-Calderdale. The following as a summary of players so far securing places in age-group District squads.



North Yorkshire

age-group nominated selected nominated selected nominated selected
under-10 2 2 2 1 4 3
under-11 7 5 3 1 10 6
under-12 5 3 1   6 3
under-13 4 3 3 3 7 6
under-14 11 7 2   13 7
under-15 5 5 1 1 6 6
Totals 34 25


7 46 31


David Cooper, YCB District Manager and David Foster [Pathways] advise the following 14 UAJCA boys successfully gained places at a 2017 Pathways Bronze Centre from pre-Xmas trials at South Craven.


age-group Player Club age-group Player Club
u10 James Powell Oakworth u14 Ben Southern Silsden
u12 Lewis Brown Oakworth u14 Shiv Bhatoa Oxenhope
u13 Jacob Terry Cullingworth u15 Tom Starkey Skipton
u13 Toby Meynell Bradley u15 Kyle Welsh Cullingworth
u13 Will Smith Skipton u16 Harris Rowlett Steeton
u14 Jack Luxton Steeton u16 Owen Narey Steeton
u14 Peter Fishpool Skipton u16 Elliot Wilson Bradley

Congratulations and good luck at the Bronze Centre at Woodlands CC in the New Year! Commiserations to those that were unsuccessful and better luck next year.


Following interviews, managers & coaches have been appointed for Yorkshire Age Group teams for 2017. All positions have been filled for 1st teams, with appointment for Development sides to follow. These appointments are supported by a team of specialist coaches who will work with elite junior players during summer & winter elite training programmes (Pathways).

Jim Love, Elite Junior Cricket Coordinator said ''The calibre of people we have appointed is impressive, all of whom bring special coaching and managerial skills to support development of elite junior cricketers in Yorkshire.''

Keith Dickson, Elite Junior Coordinator for U10s-U12s added ''Candidates appointed will compliment links between County Age Group cricket, District Cricket and Pathways to Excellence programmes for Elite Junior Players'' The appointments are :

U10A MANAGER - Roy Chapman, U10A COACH - Haydon Jackson      U11A MANAGER - Adam Brown, U11A COACH - Chris Schofield

U12A MANAGER - Simon Horkin, U12A COACH - Tom Smith           U13A MANAGER - Dick Whaley, U13A COACH - Ghulam Rafiq

U14A MANAGER - Mark Loker, U14A COACH - Tharindu Perara       U15A MANAGER - Mark Welford, U15A COACH - Stuart Guy

These will be supported by a coach pool of
Tony Pickersgill (County Age Group Bowling Coach), David Foster, James Wiggan, Mark Lawson and David Wainwright. Further announcements will follow on appointment of Development Team Managers and Coaches.

UAJCA developing players have opportunities for further quality winter coaching as below:

  • County Players - direct invitation from YCB to trials at South Craven
  • District Players - direct application by parents via the on-line YCB registration system
  • Recommended [approx 25%] Festival [Taverners] players - direct application by parents via the on-line YCB registration system [as advised by UAJCA email]
  • Non-recommended Festival [Taverners] players - direct email to parents from UAJCA inviting application for UAJCA Elite Academy [phone/email to Pro Coach]

Pathways 2016-17 - Update from YCB [13 July 2016]

Anyone that has played District Cricket [Bradford-Calderdale] or Yorkshire Festival [Taverners] cricket may apply for a place at a District Centre of their choice [our nearest is at South Craven School]. District team players are guaranteed a place, however, those that have played Yorkshire Festival cricket only, will be allocated places subject to performances in YJCF and with coach/manager recommendation.  These criteria will help maintain the standard as high as possible, and challenge everyone accordingly.

Via the on-line booking system an applicant is able to choose his/hers 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice centre via the following Link: http://www.yorkshirecb.com/page/pathways/how-to-register/district-centres-201617-11817/ The booking system will close on the 15th August and then places will be confirmed by the end of August. The centre at South Craven School will run for 7 weeks on Friday evenings, starting October 14th running through to December 2nd with a break on October 28th for half term.

U10/U11/U12 6pm-7:30pm, U13/U14/U15 7:30pm-9pm.

For more details please see our FAQ’s at: http://www.yorkshirecb.com/page/pathways/frequently-asked-questions/q--a-11818/

Email pathways@yorkshirecb.com or call 0113 203 3686 if you still have any queries.


All players represent UAJCA during 2016 in any Development or Festival team, will be nominated to Yorkshire Cricket as prospective Pathways students.

Personal invitations by phone will be made by Yorkshire Cricket [Pro Coach]. The 7-weeks Assessment is held at the South Craven Sports Centre.

For more information on the Pathways process please see below or call the Pro Coach office on 01132-033609

Yorkshire Cricket Directors at Headingley presented a revamp of the 'Pathways to Excellence' in 2015. A key feature was recognition that a one-off 2-hour trial is not an ideal means of selecting young players for County Age Group teams. Many have held this view for some time but at last County leadership has bitten the bullet and SCRAPPED THE TRIALS. Click for Presentation

So how can young players move up to County Age Group teams? Nomination follows a 7-week assessment course. Yorkshire Cricket supports 18 District Centres around the County including South Craven School. The 7-week assessment courses unfold in September, staffed by Yorkshire Cricket coaches who will nominate the best players to challenge existing Bronze Centre players for places at Pathways to Excellence Centres. The number of Bronze Centres will be reduced from 9 to 4 but Senior & Junior courses for both Silver and Gold Centres will be the order of the day. The overall scheme is designed as completely transparent for parents and geared to give talented players fair opportunity, something many doubted of the previous system.

YCB have provided feedback on outcomes from the new 2016 Pathways to Excellence programme. Of the 500 players who attended the 19 District Centres [inc South Craven] 131 have progressed to the Pathways coaching Bronze Centre next stage; a 1 in 4 chance. These 131 boys have been joined by 183 boys from the 2015 County Age Group teams [CAGs], the total of 314 going forward. The 314 breaks down as follows:

  Gold Silver Bronze Total
County Age-Groups 39 85 59 183
District Centres     131 131
Total 39 85 190 314

YCB Pathways Administrator Graham Purdy said "One of our main aims for year one was to establish just 2 points of entry to the programmes, being representation & performance in CAG cricket during 2015 and promotion from the DC programme as part of broader catchment area arrangements (and removal of one-off trials). This was to ensure transparency for parents & players on routes into the system, with performance on the field determining Gold/Silver/Bronze allocations for CAG players".

UAJCA produced 12 players who gained places as listed [below].


UAJCA has been advised by Pro-Coach-Yorkshire YCB that 8 UAJCA players have been successful in gaining places at the PATHWAYS-to-EXCELLENCE Bronze Centres. They are:

Amrit Sharma [Oxenhope CC]

Ethan Wilson [Skipton CC]

Joe Hall [Crossflatts CC]

Jo Holderness [Skipton CC]

Kyle Welsh [Cullingworth CC]

Lewis Brown [Oakworth CC]

Owen West [Oakworth CC]

Sam Parry [Earby CC]

Congratulations to you all lads, Keep the UAJCA flag flying!!

We now learn that 2 more boys are to be on Pathways in under-16s Tom Mawer and Nathan Storton [both Oxenhope].

UAJCA-YCB Elite Academy

Introduced in 2013 the Elite Academy is a training course aimed at developing the cricket skills of the best young players in the Upper Airedale district.

To gain a place at the Elite Academy a player must:

  • have played representative level cricket for UAJCA
  • be nominated directly by UAJCA
  • be offered a place where not successful at YCB Pathways trials
  • under 16 years of age

This course is managed and led by Mark Lawson, the Director of Coaching from Pro Coach Academy [Yorkshire CCC] and professional coaches with full approval and endorsement by YCB Directors as Strategic Partners. The sessions are not mere supervised nets but thorough training exercises designed to enhance player skills in all disciplines of the game. Use of Ipad-video equipment is included and activities are targeted at specific weaknesses. Work is not predominantly organised in net-lanes, although some net work to practice skills is included. This Academy will help players remedy perceived deficiencies or technical issues. The cost of this Academy will be £125 inc VAT for the 10 weeks.

Professional coaches employed at the Elite Academy are empowered to make recommendation for inclusion in County age-group teams and /or Pathways coaching sessions, should they recognise the highest talent levels in students. It is anticipated this course will prove a fundamental element in assisting UAJCA players successfully negotiate YCB trials for County age-group places. Where nominations are not successful at YCB trials, high level coaching opportunity and continuity is still available at the Elite Academy.

YCB trials

The YCB Pathways Coaching Scheme 10-week programme of coaching at selected YCB Centres, designated Bronze, Silver or Gold is the Age-Group progression scheme managed by YCB coaches. Trials for places on these courses take place in late October or early November and UAJCA current policy is to nominate players who represent Upper Airedale during the year. The criteria for nomination to YCB are currently under review following changes in 2013 and of course introduction of the elite Academy . Once long-term criteria are determined by YCB, they will published on our website www.uajca.com.

How does the Pathways Coaching process work?

We are grateful to YCB Administration Manager Graham Purdy for the following guidance.

Each year Directors of YCB Woodlands, Heckmondwike and Featherstone Centres (West centres) review their players from the previous winter to determine which:

  • are to be offered a further year in Pathways

  • are to be released due to lack of progression

  • have reached the end of their time on age (ie U16 in 2014)

  • have been selected to move up to Silver or Gold

  • will leave due to other commitments, typically football securing a professional contract

So numbers which remain varies year on year, but typically centres will have 8-10 vacancies for new intakes each year within a group of 28-30 players at each centre. The tendency at bronze/regional centres is to take lads in the U12s age group to get the best talent earlier and ensure they have at least 2, possibly 3 years in Pathways, if they continue to develop and perform well.

Please note not all boys progress to Silver or Gold and the criteria for reaching that level is based entirely on performances in County Age group representative matches. There are Age group quotas at Gold and Silver levels. In 2014 there are 2 Gold groups (each with 20  split by age) and 1 Silver of 28 players, with equal numbers drawn from U12s, U13s, U14s, U15s county age group squads.

At U11 level the rule is that players of this age do need to be exceptional to trial and then to participate in nets with older boys at Bronze/Regional Centres. For the first time in 2013 there are specific nets at Headingley for best performing players in 2013 U10s and U11s County teams, which enables them to net with their peers and have coaching specific to their age group. The direction of travel regarding u-11s is very much along the lines of the process being used in UAJCA whereby younger players will be coached together, assessed by accredited coaches with a view to progression together to Bronze centres at U12/U13 level, providing they reach expected standards.

Please note players can and do get fast-tracked. For example a number of boys in this year’s Gold and Silver had not attended a regional or Bronze centre, their performances over the summer in representative cricket being recognized with places in elite groups. The key point from County Coaches is that places in elite groups are now based on performances in the middle during the Summer (not indoor nets) and player progression from Regional/Bronze to Gold/Silver is similarly determined.


Pro Coach Academy are UAJCA Business' partners who offer coaching  opportunities. See below for contact details

Pro Coach Academy is a part of Yorkshire County CC and offers professional or ex-professional players as coaches. They offer Courses throughout the year at many venues. For information speak to Chris on 0113 2033 609

YCB Coaching Courses  please CLICK HERE for the YCB website

UAJCA Selection criteria

Selection for the UAJCA Representative teams will be based on our usual criteria, which now include performance at the Development Centre:

·         Performance in UAJCA competitions during previous season

·         Performance in UAJCA competitions during current season

·         Performance in UAJCA previous Representative matches

·         Successful trial for Pathways County Age-Group Coaching

·         Recommendation from Development Centre coaches

·         Recommendation from UAJCA Selectors

·         Performance at UAJCA trials

As can be seen it is purposely biased towards performance as incentive to excellence

Pathways Coaching retention list [from 2012-13]

UAJCA is advised by YCB that the following UAJCA players are to be retained on 2013-14 Pathways coaching schemes from last year's intake. James Mukherjee [Elite Training at Headingley], Adbi Ahmed [Gold], Ali Ahmed [Silver], Lewis Middleton, Billy Whitford, Louis Horsfield, James Robinson, Dan Scott & Danny Murphy [all Bronze]. These 9 boys have paved the way and will be joined by 11 others from this year's intake to Bronze centres, a remarkable 20 boys under coaching by YCB. The UAJCA Executive is extremely proud of this level of success arising from all the hard work of club coaches across our patch. Fantastically well done!

Pathways 2014

Congratulations to our Magnificent eleven lads who have been offered Bronze Centre Pathways coaching in 2014. Successful at the trial were Kyle Welsh, Owen Narey, Fehzan Khan, Tom Robinson, Joseph Holderness and Aatif Modak, Joe Hall, Sam Parry, Max Berrisford, Tom Starkey and Thomas Meakin. Fantastic boys, well done.

Please note that responsibility for organisation of coaching in the Upper Airedale Area rests now with the Area Council and its subordinate Development Groups: West Bradford and Craven or WBCDG or CCDG. The direct contact for these groups is Mrs Ann Coe on 01535-667981

Comments from the YCB Annual Report:"Feedback can now be given direct to YCB via new YCB Councils from Area Councils and leagues. Some CDGs are still in their embryonic stage, but will be driving forces for club and local area development in the future, the engine room of development".

District Cricket

Representative junior cricket at District level provides an arena where the most talented juniors compete against each other giving them opportunity to demonstrate potential as future County age group players. District cricket is viewed as a level above YSCA schools area and the Lords Taverners Junior Festival Cricket. It is a stepping stone into the Pathways to Excellence scheme on the road to county representative team cricket.

There are six districts: North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire East (Leeds, Wakefield), West Yorkshire West (Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees), South Yorkshire East (Barnsley, Doncaster), South Yorkshire West ( Rotherham, Sheffield), based on demographic and geographic considerations.

District Cricket runs in the last week in May at Under 13,the second week in August at Under 9 plus an under 11 three-day festival in late April/early May to prepare for the county team and 2 Under 12 day festivals in late May. District Cricket contact is Ross Atkinson 07714-771632 e-mail r.atkinson@yorkshirecb.com

For elite players this Pathways structure shows how to progress to County if you have skills & determination

YCB Player Development Pathway